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    Hello Ivo,
    Would like to know more about love and relationships. What type of person would i be more compatible with. What kind of relationships am i most likely to have and feel comfortable with.
    Thank you

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      Ivo-12andus founder
      Ivo-12andus founder

      Hi Alba, not surprisingly your question is about love (so many other questions are about career). Your most important planet is Venus, the planet of love. Venus is in Cancer and in your 1st house and conjunct to the Ascendant, denoting a considerable role in your personality. The Moon in Libra in the 5th house, amplifies your passionate traits.

      You are endowed with an intense sensuality and romanticism. Since Venus is opposite to Neptune (by the way, remarkably, a high number of users asking questions have Venus conjunct or opposite Neptune, which might denote a sort of basic insecurity) and opposite to Uranus there might be a tendency to jump on sudden romance that could reveal as illusions or even deceptions. You need to strenghten your "awareness love muscle" in order not to be carried away by fantasies.

      According to your Mars in Taurus, for you to go after someone, there needs to be more than simple attraction; you don't waste your time and energy if you don’t see potential. When you are convinced the prospect is worth it, you play your cards patiently and persistently until you conquer your objective. If you get rejected once, you try 99 more times.

      You want things to be done in dribs and drabs rather than taking risks. One of your best techniques to drag others closer is showing off your value, both inner and material, and talking about your ambitious plans. Financial security is very important to you, you look for a partner who can make you feel safe in that matter.

      Your passion grows for a man who is practical, steadfast, traditional or old fashioned, protective and even a bit jealous. A man who works with his hands and with a stable and predictable character, calm and steady.