About Mutual attraction calculation.

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    Hello Ivo. I was wondering for some time, when calculating mutual attractions with other users, all areas result around 5 or higher most of the times, but Intellectual does not. What in my birth chart affects Intellectual ends up being between 1-3? If you have time and will to look into it, I would be most grateful.

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      • Ivo-12andus founder
        Ivo-12andus founder

        hi. Since we are friends, I tried the areas of mutual attraction between you and me and results "very very high". Also I tried between you and other friends of mine and the results vary from "very low" to "very high". I think it's a case that the intellectual areas you tried resulted in low score. The intellectual areas of mutual attraction are calculated mostly by each other's Mercury, Jupiter and houses 3 and 9 positions.