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    Ivo-12andus founder
    By Ivo-12andus founder

    planets-signs.JPG Having reached the milestone of more than 10 thousands registered users and hundreds of thousands of visits on 12andus, we added a new user search feature.

    Whether you want to search users with certain planetary positions for meeting new friends, for seeking your soulmate or for astrological curiosity or research purposes, you have the option to search by Sun, Ascendant, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars positions.

    As an example, if you like Libra people as friends, you can search for any Libra user by selecting "Both sexes" in the gender selection and clicking on the Libra symbol in the Sun row.

    If you think that women with the Moon in Cancer are sweet and sensitive, select the woman icon in the gender selection and click on the Cancer symbol in the Moon row.

    You can even search by multiple planetary positions, including the Ascendant.

    For instance, if you seek a woman with a fiery Aries Sun sign personality but with a mellow and fascinating Venus in Pisces, click on the Aries symbol in the Sun row and on the Pisces symbol in the Venus row.

    If you seek a man with a proud Sun in Leo and an adventurous Mars in Sagittarius, click on the Leo symbol on the Sun row and on the Sagittarius symbol in the Mars row.

    You can select also multiple planetary combinations. Do you look for a very Geminis person? You might click on the Geminis symbol on the Sun, Ascendant (AC) and Venus rows.

    There are thousands of possibilities by selecting different combinations of planetary positions. However, some kind of planetary pairs aren't astronomically possible and thus they won't produce any results.

    Mercury and the Sun are never more than one sign apart, while the Sun and Venus are never more than 2 signs apart. For instance, if you search for a Sun-Mercury pair selection and you select the Sun in Aries, Mercury can be only in Pisces, Aries or Taurus. If you search for a Sun-Venus pair selection and you select the Sun in Taurus, Venus can only be in Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Geminis or Cancer.

    12andus is still in the early growing stage and with just over 10,000 users there won't be results if your selection is too detailed. For instance, if you want to search for certain planetary positions in men 25 to 30 years old within 50 miles from a remote town, you are probably not going to see any result. We suggest to select wider age ranges and distances to get more results.

    We allow searching by the Sun and/or Ascendant signs for ordinary users. Premium users can also search by Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars' signs.

    You can become a Premium member and enjoy unlimited searches, reports, messages and birth data. You can also earn one week of free Premium membership for every friend who registers on 12andus. Invite your Facebook, Twitter, Google or email contacts by clicking on the icons in the "Get a week of Premium membership for every friend registering on 12andus" box.

    We are working to add even more search features, as in searching for birth dates and for specific synastry aspects between 2 people. The latter requires a certain amount of technical work and we plan to make it available in the next few months.

    Search your preferred planetary combinations.

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