Limitations in life's areas: Saturn transiting through the natal houses

saturn.jpegSaturn transiting in house 1

Saturn transiting in your first house stimulates a restructuring of several aspects of your personality, by letting go of those which aren't useful anymore, and then building new structures to represent yourself to the world.

This might bring a surge of responsibilities and a heavy attitude toward life. Your job might suffer from this transit, but now it is advisable to concentrate your efforts inwardly.

If you accept Saturn's suggestions to look into yourself, the results will bring wisdom and a more grounded view of life during this transit.

Saturn transiting in house 2

With Saturn on your second house, this is a time for becoming more aware of what you consider valuable in your life, in both material and spiritual areas.

You might also question what you really need and acknowledge that most of the “stuff” in your life isn't really necessary.

There might be a period of financial restrictions and you could become worried about your finances. On the positive side, you now have an opportunity to live with less without the burden of useless things.

Saturn transiting in house 3

Your mental and communicative skills will be challenged by Saturn's transiting into your 3rd house. Possibly, you will be less communicative, but do so in a more weighted manner.

You might experience misunderstandings or poor communication with siblings or neighbors.

During this time, you should use your best disciplined mental energy to understand your own mind and its mechanisms.

What you might discover won't be always pleasurable, but don't let this make you sad. Saturn is going to help you look at yourself with a detached attitude, for the sake of truth.

Saturn transiting in house 4

Heavy responsibilities from people dependent on you or from your family might produce a burdensome feeling.

Everything connected to your roots, and to what you consider as supportive, including people and your home, seem to disappoint.

This is a time to look into yourself by understanding your emotional roots and patterns through Saturn's detached investigative qualities.

You might want to get support via psychotherapy to better understand your issues.

Saturn transiting in house 5

Entertainment, flirting and love affairs cease to be sources of pleasure. Either you don't find them appealing any more, or those areas can even turn into burdens.

Your children, if you have any, might now represent heavy responsibilities. Your creativity and financial speculations might be blocked or limited under Saturn's serious scrutiny.

The takeaway from this transit is to apply a methodical, patient and hardworking attitude to deal with your creative endeavors, and to avoid easy and superficial pleasures.

Saturn transiting in house 6

Saturn transiting on your 6th house brings big responsibilities in your work and difficult relationships with coworkers and employers.

Job stress might also cause health issues which should be taken care of in the proper way.

In this period, you shouldn't be in a hurry to reaching a perfect work environment or attaining your goals too quickly. You should work patiently, knowing that you will reap the benefits later.

Saturn transiting in house 7

Saturn in the seventh house represents the peak of a development that started around fourteen years ago when Saturn was in the opposite first house.

This time Saturn brings your attention to your important relationships with others. Marriage, intimate relationships and business partners will be affected by this transit.

Those connections will bring heavy responsibilities in your life and you will question them to understand if they are worth continuing, both in your profession and in your intimate life.

Now, you want your relationships to be based on mutual trustworthiness.

You might want to isolate yourself for a while to reflect on your role in your relationships and on which values you want the relationships to be based.

Saturn transiting in house 8

During the time Saturn is transiting on your 8th house, you will turn your attention toward properties and possessions you don't exclusively or directly own.

It might be proprietary rights with others, heritages, bank loans or investments with another shareholder. There might be delays or losses in those areas.

As well, during this transit you might become more concerned about death and the ultimate meaning of life, thus giving more attention to what is really valuable in your life.

Take advantage of Saturn's rationality to inspect the things that are really worth it in your life.

Saturn transiting in house 9

During the transit on your 8th house, Saturn will stimulate you to deepen your world-view through committed studying of philosophies and spirituality, as well as world politics and law.

This might take the form of traveling to connect theory with a hands-on approach to different cultures.

However, don't let Saturn's seriousness close your mind and cause you to become arrogant about your intellectual discoveries. You might think you have gotten the ultimate truths, but there's always more to discover in your journey.

Saturn transiting in house 10

During the time Saturn is transiting on your 10th house, you will turn your attention to your professional life. You will be able to patiently work to reach your goals.

This timeframe represents the culmination of your projects started many years before. Your visibility to the world and your authority will be enhanced.

This transit also comes with big responsibilities connected to your higher position, which you don't reject.

If you are hardworking, Saturn might make you insensitive. Don't let your social climbing crave make you forget about human connections and don't deny your softer feelings and your family, which are a source of inner and outer support.

Saturn transiting in house 11

Saturn in your 11th house will direct your efforts toward higher ideals.

You might endure a struggle for a common good, connecting with friends or with a group of people sharing a common ideal.

You might reach an authoritative and trustworthy position and feel responsible for friends or groups of people connected by your ideals.

By applying Saturn's steadfastness to such endeavors, you will affect the world around you and be recognized for your selfless support.

Saturn transiting in house 12

Saturn transiting on your 12th house can't optimally express his methodological goal-oriented attitude.

The 12th house brings everything together in an unrecognizable oneness while Saturn is a master of discrimination and accuracy.

You might question the meaning of your life and approach a spiritual path. You might need to withdraw to better understand what's happening to your psyche and which are the ultimate life's answers.

Take advantage of this time to become an observer and a witness of your own mental processes.

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