Transiting Saturn on the natal Sun: maturing the personality

mature.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Sun

Saturn is going to restrict your initiatives and enthusiasm in life.

Saturn, which is down-to-earth and cautious, meets the Sun, which is your vitality and will. This is not a good time to start new projects, but for sure good to consolidate old ones.

This transit is maturing your personality: your attitude is more humble, realistic and you take everything with more wisdom and patience.

Responsibilities and commitment are going to be strong during this timeframe. Whether you ripen the fruits of the previous hard work or instead feel oppressed by this situation, depends on how you acted in the last fourteen years when Saturn was opposite to the Sun in your birth chart.

You might feel frustrated and disheartened by the lack of vitality and visible success, but remember: this time is for perseverance, slowness and reflection.

On the inner side, your ego has a chance to lose its power and you might enjoy being more humble and simple.


Transiting Saturn sextile natal Sun

Your patient steadfastness and your vitality and initiative go hand in hand, cooperating to create something useful and long-lasting.

However, your goals will not be achieved without a great deal of effort because Saturn doesn't give anything for free.

Discipline and perseverance are the qualities you should apply during this time to be recognized in your personality and your work.

In this period, you can build something durable in the world and in yourself.


Transiting Saturn square natal Sun

In this timeframe, you will experience challenges regarding your projects started around 7 years ago, when Saturn was conjunct to your Sun.

Your vital energy will be low, and you might feel discouraged by facing difficulties. Such difficulties need to be addressed through patience, perseverance and humbleness, which are Saturn's best qualities.

You might have conflicts with authority figures such as teachers, bosses, judges or parents – because you think they are limiting the expansion of your goals, but they are mostly projections of your inner state which can't harmonize the will to do with the need to wait.


Transiting Saturn trine natal Sun

This time is favorable to advance the projects you have worked hard for since a long time ago.

Things seem to proceed smoothly and you should take advantage of this period to consolidate your activities.

Your efficiently combine the qualities of being patient, steadfast and enthusiastically active in your enterprises.

You might show your achievements to the world, but don't settle for success, which is partial and still requires efforts from your side.


Transiting Saturn opposite natal Sun

This transit happens every twenty-nine years and challenges your long-time achievements.

This time your vital energy is quite low, thus it creates difficulties in advancing your job and career. You might also feel restrained by authority figures like parents, teachers, judges, managers.

You might feel that the responsibilities you have accumulated during the years aren't bearable and you might be tempted to give up. This is not the right time to expand your projects, but instead you should consolidate them through perseverance.

You better accept Saturn's suggestions to be patient and reflect deeply on what you really want. Saturn suggests you let go of anything that is not useful and which requires much efforts with little results.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Sun

You will have opportunities to shine and show the world your talents and gifts, but first you have a few hoops to jump through.

In particular, these obstacles come in the form of paying the proverbial dues.

You may have to overcome pressures or restrictions put on you by family, especially father figure or traditional male role model.

Some restrictions are a result of self doubt or playing small, others are a reflection of practical matters which must be considered before you move forward. You are learning to discern between realistic and unnecessary limitations. You are also learning how to thrive as an individual in spite of limiting factors.


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