Transiting Neptune on Natal Mercury: going beyond the limits of rationality

pi Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Mercury
Creativity, the ability to express and articulate your emotions and translate emotional pain into lessons shared with others through writing and speaking are likely.

You will become aware of the limit of rationality by broadening your intellect by subtle ways of thinking, intuitions and even by psychic abilities.

You may first have to struggle to sort through confusion between what you fear or desire and what is actually taking place.

Objectivity is difficult to perceive. Your subjective reality, including fears, dreams, fantasies, ideals, wishes and longings will take center stage.

You may mistake feelings for facts or become influenced to change long standing beliefs and world view because of the influence of others who are manipulating your fears or desires.

You may waiver on decisions, getting lost in ‘what ifs’ and not committing to a specific course of action.

Not wanting to be confined, you may leave communication intentionally ambiguous, leading to misunderstandings and potentially to hurt feelings.

Be mindful of the urge to neglect objective reality for the comfort of your rich, imaginative inner life.
Fiction writing or writing that focuses on the occult, spirituality, healing, or dreams are a potential outlet for your creativity at this time. You may also begin writing songs or poetry, or writing as a means to transmute energy and initiate self-healing.

You may also wish to take classes to learn about subjects pertaining to spirituality or altered states of consciousness.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Mercury
Your creative ideas are overflowing and you may become involved with artistic or creative pursuits that involve group activities.

Intuitions and imagination will easily blend with your rational faculties to fuel your creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Others help you keep a handle on the difference between your dreams and reality, while providing encouragement so your ideas will take hold and bring success.

You are psychically in tune with others’ emotions and inner worlds and could find yourself acting as an impromptu counselor to those close to you. Be mindful to remain as objective as possible if this is the case.

Others are counting on you to be a mentor, advisor or sounding board so you don’t want to get carried away in your own emotional reactions.

Romantic feelings may be expressed in idealistic terms, and you will find it hard to see the boundaries between yourself and those you love.

Dream communication with others or with Spirit realms is heightened at this time.

Transiting Neptune square natal Mercury
Your feelings and alliances may change quickly, though you think you have found everlasting bonds with others.

You may become immersed in others’ mindset and world view and lose sight of your own beliefs, only to become resentful when significant others require breathing room.

Miscommunication is likely at this time. You may be expecting others to read your mind or intuit your needs, if they can’t you may become upset or feel rejected or misunderstood.

Your thoughts are heavily influenced by emotion which can create erratic or deceptive beliefs. Your understanding of situations may not be accurate and what you communicate to others may be more based on self-deception or illusion than reality.

Try to be clear with yourself about what you need and what is going on around you. Even with your best effort, the truth may be obscured. Hold off on making big decisions with long-term ramifications until you can be objective.

Be cautious about signing any contracts without reading the fine print, regardless of how strongly you feel compelled to move forward. Business endeavors may also be subject to misunderstandings or unclear boundaries causing conflicting expectations.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Mercury
You may feel like a channel for spiritual wisdom and would do well to keep a written record of inspired ideas and creative plans.

Others support your creative goals and you stand out as being a source of emotional comfort and spiritual guidance for others.

Release expectations and go with the flow, plans initiated now can yield surprising and pleasant results especially plans for creative projects involving art, writing, music or poetry.

Your career, if it involves these art forms, can get a creative boost. You may also see enhancement in career in the fields of healing, spiritual guidance and communications.

You may have an abundance of great ideas and feel propelled by spiritual mission, but then suddenly become lost in a drift of plans that have not been prioritized. Don’t become side tracked by escapism.

Transiting Neptune opposite natal Mercury
Overthinking and indecision can cost you a good opportunity.

You may feel conflicted about what you truly want and find yourself passively wandering, undirected or unmotivated and without a clear sense of beliefs or priorities.
You encounter difficulties communicating your goals, feelings and desires.

Self-sacrifice will not serve you, yet you may get caught in martyr roles with others because clear boundaries were not communicated.

Strong imagination may go out of control and may evolve into obsessive thinking, irrational fears or hypochondriac thoughts.

Meditation and natural supplements can balance your nervous system.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Mercury

Your mind is not as clear and sharp as it usually is.

Your ideas are ambiguous at this time and although you may desire change and heightened awareness, at the same time you are likely to be confused about where and how to start.

You may communicate more effectively in subtle ways at this time and even artistic expression or symbolic language or art may feel more clear and direct than what you are able to articulate logically and verbally.

Relationships may feel strained as you struggle to get your ideas across to others at this time.

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