Transiting Neptune on Natal Venus: universal love through a spiritual attitude

gold heart Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Venus
Your artistic talents are amplified and you may have opportunities for commercial success in any field involving arts, music or decorating.

If you work in the beauty industry or in any field involving aesthetics you will have opportunities to showcase your talents.

Your pure ideals are being channeled through your work, hobbies, relationships and personal life. You become more aware of what appeals to you and are naturally attracting ways to make your dreams into reality.

In the process of manifesting your dreams you may become confused at times between what is gold and what only glitters. You may become more passive and less focused than usual, waiting for opportunities to come to you rather than pursuing them.

You may feel a surge of romantic energy and your compassion and love of others is demonstrated in all that you do. You are likely to idealize others, especially love interests.

You may struggle to see the complex nature of relationships, instead getting lost in an image you have projected on to others.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of supporting irresponsible or addicted people in your caring attitude. That would create problems for you and won't help the other.

You may feel spiritually linked to significant others, and may feel as though you have found a soul mate or twin flame. Your instincts can be fine-tuned but if you are not careful your intuition will be clouded by what you desire.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Venus
Pamper yourself or make updates to your wardrobe or appearance.  If you are trying to improve your image, be it for a business brand or to get in touch with your romantic side, this is a good time to experiment.

Adding artwork or decorative touches however can help you bring greater comfort and beauty to home or work space.

You desire close connection with others and may become more aware of psychic and spiritual links with your loved ones. Also, you may get carried away creating a narrative in your mind about a fateful romance that is really just a casual fling or friendship.

Balance your deep love and compassion for others with some grounding in practical reality to avoid being swept away by fantasies.

Transiting Neptune square natal Venus
Your view of relationships or self-image or both need some adjustment. You may have begun to believe a fairy tale version of relationships which is not proving true.

You may chase an impossible love, as in dreaming about a celebrity or an idealized love
with no connection to your reality.

Be careful not to become a martyr, especially as your compassion and willingness to self-sacrifice are activated.

You may feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under you. People you were counting on do not follow through the way you always dreamed they would, or are otherwise not living up to your ideal expectation of them.

You may also face challenges to your finances which require adjustment in your budget.

Pleasure seeking may become an escape which will backfire in the future.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Venus
An ideal time for healing relationships and starting or deepening connection with a romantic partner. You may find creative and unusual ways to express your love for others.

You may add beauty to your home or workspace and create a comfortable visually appealing atmosphere. You may also employ your creative side to plan dates or a getaway based on a fantasy image of romantic love.

Compassion and empathy are activated and energy flows easily in relationships.

You may feel spiritually drawn to people and the connections you make now will be advantageous either to your personal life, career, or both.

You may also feel psychically connected to those close to you and encounter relationship lessons in dreams.

Transiting Neptune opposition natal Venus
An ideal image projected on to others or onto work situations will likely be proven to be an illusion.

Anything you resisted facing or tried to hide from will become clear and lead to feeling disappointed.

Your confidence may be shaken by this, but remind yourself of the bigger lessons involving escapism and self-delusion. Use the truths being revealed to learn discernment.

You may receive both intuitive and practical signals that something is off in a relationship. Don’t gloss over this just to keep the peace. Acknowledge the truth of the matter or things could escalate to cause greater turmoil.

Resist feeding into the scapegoat or victim role in relationships. Challenges which arise are opportunities to work with your boundaries and assertiveness in relationships.

Indulging in luxuries in the past may lead to financial wake-up calls under this transit. Develop a clear understanding of your financial situation.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Venus

You may begin to feel an unsettling feeling that things aren’t what you think they were in terms of a romantic relationship. You may feel as if you don’t know your significant other as well as you thought you did, or a vision of who you want them to be isn’t matching reality.

Facing the truth will put you in an uncomfortable bind as you may have already begun to adjust boundaries and build your life around someone even though on some instinctual level, you know the foundation you are building is off balance.

Don’t lose yourself in relationships or in romantic fantasies about who you want someone to be.

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