Transiting Neptune on Natal Saturn: chaos meets discipline

chaos books Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Saturn
This transit will show you where you had been holding on too tightly, possibly by forcing you to let go.

You may be drawn to fluctuate between the desire to exert self-discipline and the desire to completely surrender to circumstances.

You may be surprised to become more relaxed than usual, finding the faith to give up your will to circumstances beyond your control. This process of surrender is an initiation into deep spiritual lessons.
An issue requiring healing may force you to see through illusions and find greater compassion for yourself and others. You may also be forced to think outside the box in order to adapt to changing circumstances.

There is a Karmic undertone to the challenges and lessons you face during this transit. Karma not implying punishment but rather opportunities to gain insight, healing and growth by facing consequences of past actions and patterns of behavior.

Karmic lessons may bring earth shaking changes which tear down the structures upon which you thought you could rely, so that you can see illusions of control for what they are- illusions.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Saturn
You may have an intuitive connection with elders in your family or community or become more attuned to the needs and challenges faced by older people.

You may also feel a subtle yet significance shift in your own consciousness as you begin to reflect on your own age, perhaps feeling aged beyond your years because of losses or illness.

You experience an easier balance between your need for structure and free flowing energy and can easily adapt to situations which require spontaneity, yet also employ discipline when needed.

Establish boundaries with others which are fair yet compassionate. Also, a good time to advance one’s career through creative work, or structure matters pertaining to inheritance and legacy, as you will have a blend of higher vision and sense of responsibility.

This combination of compassion and responsibility can also compel you to dedicate your time and energy to work aimed to heal others or create justice in society at large. This is likely to be calculated and ambitious but not zealous or extreme.

Transiting Neptune square natal Saturn
You could potentially bring the dreamy energy of Neptune into harmony with the disciplined, responsible energy of Saturn for greater harmony.

Under this transit, however, these two energies will bring tension before enlightenment.

The desire to let go and obliterate boundaries and the drive to create structure and stability will feel like antagonists to each other rather than balanced polarities. You may experience fear at the thought of losing what you associate with security and stability.

Freedom appeals to you, but without the pillars upon which you are used to leaning, you may feel like you are free falling.

You may be susceptible to escapism as harsh realities close in around you, bringing significant lessons but also stress.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Saturn
Take time from work and focus on productivity and create a space for introspection and dreaming.

Balancing the mundane and spiritual realms will prove advantageous to your long term goals.
Even the most eclectic spiritual beliefs are given a more grounded and practical framework.

Your spirituality is shaped by wisdom and experience and you are less likely to jump on bandwagons and get lost in spiritual concepts that could be a crutch or escape.

It is easier for you to let go of unrealistic expectations. Your ideals and dreams are likely to come true because you now have a dose of practical energy and can focus on creating the foundation for long term changes.

Your relationships mature as well and you find ways to keep romantic inclinations strong while also attending to the practical aspects of relationships.

Transiting Neptune opposition natal Saturn
This is a time of refinement especially when it comes to your beliefs and matters of faith.

You may invest energy and time chasing illusions only to learn the hard way what is truth and what is fantasy. You may face restrictions and limitations which feel unbearable but are important for your growth in the long run.

These lessons will be important in the long term but for now it may seem like harsh wake up calls are rousing you from your dreams. Don’t fight to stay asleep.

Spiritual and Karmic issues underly the challenges you are facing. The consequences of past actions are pulling you back into reality, though you may want nothing more than to escape into fantasy.

This can be a time of great healing and maturing if you can stay present for the lessons at hand.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Saturn
You are likely to have difficulties putting your dreams and fantasies into any kind of practical, tangible form at this time. You may feel artistically inspired but lack the practical resources to express yourself, or struggle to give your ideas clear definition.

A lack of definition, goals, boundaries, or framework is a recurring theme at this time. You may feel a vague sense of insecurity but not be able to put your finger on the source of this unease.

This is also likely to be a difficult time for putting spiritual principles into practical use. You may feel instead as if you need to retreat from all mundane matters in order to find ‘enlightenment’ or abandon spiritual pursuits altogether in favor of ‘real world’ matters, yet neither option truly feels like the real solution.

Be patient and try your best to blend the spiritual and practical at this time.

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