Transiting Neptune on natal Uranus: all is one

hands-world.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Uranus
You become enthralled by new, eccentric and revolutionary ideas. Your idealism and compassion are activated and result in humanitarian quests and desire to improve society.

You may put your own needs on the back burner and become devoted to humanitarian causes, especially those of a progressive, visionary nature.

You find it intolerable to be confined in any way and may rebel against any structure or definitions imposed on you by others.

Your mission is influenced by spirituality though your spiritual beliefs may undergo drastic shifts. You may join an unusual sect or become fascinated by metaphysics, extra-terrestrials or other unorthodox interests. Your desire to alter your consciousness is heightened and you want to experience other worlds.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Uranus
Your intuition and creativity are heightened and you may abruptly pursue connection with groups exploring unorthodox and unusual topics. Especially groups with a metaphysical, spiritual or humanitarian mission.

Your psychic awareness is strong and you may speak impulsively in relationships with others. Although some of what you are saying may be divinely inspired, you may come across as shocking to others.

In this transit however your energy is usually well received and others appreciate your non-conformity.
Transiting Neptune square natal Uranus
New, previously hidden or arcane information comes to the surface and you may be shocked to discover levels of reality that challenge long held beliefs.

You are prone to changing your fundamental belief system abruptly and may be inclined to jump on bandwagons based on emotional reactivity to new information rather than research.

You may be susceptible to the influence of demagogues or groupthink. You may feel compelled to rebel against the status quo, be mindful that some groups offering salvation and enlightenment may simply be playing off of your fears and emotions.

Your opinions are strong and more extreme than usual. You may become reactionary in relationships with others. Be mindful not to get stuck in a martyr complex at this time.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Uranus
Any obstacles to achieving your dreams are shattered as you are shown new ways to solve problems and overcome barriers.

You are focused on those previously overlooked- your heart and mind are working to improve situations for anyone you perceive to be the ‘underdog’.

You embrace creative and innovative solutions to problems and find ways to advance your career and personal goals by not only thinking outside the box, but destroying the box altogether.

You embrace counter culture or anything revolutionary, innovative or unusual. Spiritual interests and practices embrace a larger scope than before and you explore and experiment with the esoteric.

Transiting Neptune opposition natal Uranus
Your mind is working faster than your ability to censor yourself and the impulsive declarations you make can be shocking to others.

Your beliefs and world view are changing drastically and you may struggle to combine new information with your previous lifestyle.

A shift in perspective is underway and you will feel the growing pains of integrating new beliefs and adjusting to a radically different reality.

You may crave altered states of awareness but a tendency toward escapism or addictive behaviors is likely to backfire rather than bringing enlightenment.

False spirituality or wishful thinking will be exposed and you may have to reconsider some of the institutions you previously put faith in, especially religious or spiritual institutions.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Uranus
You may want to strike out and assert your independence and freedom, or are you really escaping from something you don’t want to deal with?

You may have to experiment with boundaries and changes before determining how much connection with certain relationships works for you at this time.

However as you are discerning your path ahead you may also find that abrupt changes, an aloof attitude and confusing mixed signals take a toll on your relationships.

Your intuition may be strong at this time but you are also likely to be confused by fantasies and insecurities intertwined with bursts of inspired insight.

Adjust your expectations of relationships and give yourself space to feel through uncertainty before reacting on impulse.

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