Transiting Neptune on Natal Neptune: enhanced spirituality and compassion


buddha love Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Neptune
Your intuition and spiritual side are awakened and are open to all possibilities.

Your inner life becomes a source of focus and you may contemplate your emotional, psychological and spiritual sides to the near exclusion of external reality.

Your dreams and fantasies may have a prophetic quality and you are making connections between mundane and esoteric realms. You may have difficulty focusing and prioritizing at this time. Opting to go with the flow can bring you into connection with vast possibilities.

Your creativity is magnified and you may express yourself better in non-linear ways. You may be able to better understand the symbolic nature of languages, esoteric scientific studies and the interconnectedness of numerous subjects.

You are prone to escapism and illusions that do not align with reality as you pursue your ideals. Your spiritual connection deepens and you may develop a greater understanding of spiritual concepts beyond organized religion.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Neptune
You are more deeply connected with others and absorb the feelings of those around you. More sensitive to energy from your surroundings, you may become withdrawn.

Relationships bring greater mutual understanding. Be careful not to constantly sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others.

You may become lost in relationships with others, taking on the personality traits, preferences and ideas of those close to you like a chameleon.

If you are typically bold and outgoing, you become subtler and passive under this transit, opting to receive energy from your surroundings rather than forcing your will onto the world around you.

Transiting Neptune square natal Neptune
You may discover that the ideals you had for yourself are not matching your reality at this phase of your life.

You may also become disappointed by some aspects of your self-image which prove unsustainable or inauthentic.

This transit can bring healing as you sort out the truth from the stories you told yourself about life.
If your intuition had previously been on target, you may be surprised to discover that your current instincts are influenced more by fantasy than intuition. Be mindful of self-deception.

You may begin to question your spiritual beliefs, especially those pertaining to the esoteric. Let some measure of scrutiny keep you grounded in reality while still open to ideals and possibility.

Overindulgence in drugs, alcohol or other forms of escapism bring consequences which now must be dealt with.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Neptune
Slow down your pace and take pressure off yourself by recognizing how your needs are being met without as much effort during this time.

Instead of struggling in survival mode, you can let go and nurture your inner life more. Reflection, contemplation, meditation and spiritual awakening are in the spotlight and will serve you well in the long run.

Less is more right now and you don’t have to spin your wheels to be successful. Your sense of empathy is magnified and you may be more overwhelmed by environmental and relationship stress than usual.

Relationships are typically not challenging for you right now, except to the extent that you become enmeshed with others and take on their personal issues rather than filtering out their energy. Be mindful of healthy boundaries.

You become aware of vast choices you have to make changes in your lifestyle, career or personal life. You are not likely to make sudden, extreme changes, but are able to see beyond limitations.

Transiting Neptune opposition natal Neptune
Wisdom and experience challenge you to adjust your beliefs about spirituality and even your own emotional reactions.

You are perceiving truth behind illusions and may experience numerous situations which call you to deal with a reality that didn’t fit your expectations or assumptions.

Clarity about what is real as opposed to what you had hoped for leads you to expand your awareness and surrender to situations beyond your control.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Neptune
You may feel more confused than usual and your motivation and physical energy may not be at the level you need to pursue your creative ideas and goals.

You may feel compelled to express yourself artistically while lacking specific ideas and plans or the ambition to follow through. Chances are you need to rest and rejuvenate but aren’t giving yourself the space to do this, or if you are, you may be engaging in low energy activities like binge watching Netflix, though not really resting in the way that you need to.

Tune in to your intuition and spiritual side at this time and you will go farther than you would by arguing with yourself about what you should be doing or hiding from responsibilities in daydreams and fantasies.

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