Transiting Neptune on Natal Pluto: deep transformation through healing

healing water Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Pluto
Crisis of faith, belief or even a healing crisis is possible as your illusions are stripped away restoring you to core truths.

In the case of healing crisis, you are brought into connection with your higher purpose and goals through experiencing some type of energy imbalance which may manifest in your physical body. Recovery is not just restoration of the body, but is also reclaiming on a soul level.

You may undergo significant losses which ultimately remind you of what you really need and what had been excess or inauthentic.

Your spirituality undergoes large scale, far reaching transformation. You may feel close connection to the dying, ill, elderly and to the world of Spirit. Your interests in the esoteric and afterlife are stoked by wounds that must now be healed.

In the midst of your own deep personal transformation you have the opportunity to draw from your suffering in order to help heal others, or escape into addictions and self-delusion.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Pluto
Your ideas become more progressive and you are able to express your prophetic vision of an ideal society to those close to you.

You may easily tear down and rebuild aspects of your personal life including attitudes, beliefs and even some habits and relationships.

Your compassion is fueled by a desire to empower others and you serve as a catalyst for others to release toxic patterns and beliefs in the example you set through your own healing.

You bring a deeply transformative energy to every part of your life and you may feel magnetically attractive to those seeking healing. You may feel guided by a spiritual or Karmic mission. Eliminating boundaries, you are able to see the best in every situation and work toward a more ideal world.

Your creativity is used to help you challenge conventional ideas and break out of any form of limitation or restrictions. You persevere in order to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Transiting Neptune square natal Pluto
What you thought was concrete, unwavering truth is put to the test. You may second guess beliefs previously held to as solid. Areas where you previously felt like an authority or leader may now be questioned, by yourself or others.

Confidence may be replaced by self-doubt as you second guess yourself. Changes initiated now may not have a large scale impact right away, though in time they will.

You are being guided by instinct and intuition and changes you have resisted will become harder to avoid.

You are being challenged to confront harsh realities and look beneath the surface, though you may resist not only by avoiding the depths but by keeping your head in the clouds.

Escapism will backfire as you can’t avoid being shown higher truths under this transit.
Your ideals may clash with those in authority, such as bosses or mentors.

You may resort to passivity rather than compromise, work with this energy to find your middle ground without sacrificing yourself.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Pluto
It is now easier for you to release attachments and shift consciousness.

You may be prone to communication with the Spirit realms. You also easily perceive undercurrents in others’ energy.

Whether this is underlying emotions or core issues, your ability to read between the lines can help bring empathy and intimacy in relationships.

Don’t make the mistake of expecting others to read your mind and anticipate what you have not communicated.

Your intuition is strong during this time and you have a sense of being guided toward a greater purpose. It is easier for you to bypass your will and surrender to the process.

Transiting Neptune opposition natal Pluto
It may feel as though your greatest fears are being unearthed.

You are being challenged to recognize your true nature from the illusions you project into the world. Your ideals may be challenged as you face constraints and restrictions.

You may also be called to deal with consequences of avoiding conflict in the past. In particular, energetic blocks in your body may translate into illness and injuries, forcing you to slow down, pay attention and deal with the underlying issues behind these wounds and imbalances.

You potentially access great levels of understanding and freedom by first facing the layers of attachment you have carried and false markers of security. In the process of attaining this freedom you may feel as though what you most cherish or identify with is being stripped from your life.

You may feel abandoned or martyred at this time but the spiritual undertones from Neptune transit can remind you of the larger order.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Pluto
You are perceptive and sensitive at this time and you can feel pervasive change underway as if you were sensing the beginnings of an earthquake.

Like an earthquake, you feel the rumblings of change but at this time they are likely to be too subtle to act on and the path too confusing to make a clear determination of what to do next. You likely feel unsettled nonetheless and will want to prepare for imminent transformation but the situation is really beyond your control.

Validate your senses that change is coming, and allow yourself to be open to going with the flow.

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