Transiting Neptune on natal North Node: compassion to advance and develop on your path

hand girl compassion.png Transiting Neptune conjunct natal North Node

You will connect with others on an empathic and intuitive level and those who enter your path will have a significant impact, facilitating healing on an emotional and Karmic level.

Your intuition is activated and will help guide you toward your ultimate purpose. You may have prophetic dreams which show you glimpses of how your potential can be fulfilled. You may also have intuitive impulses which guide you in ways that defy logic yet prove accurate.

You are able to empathize with others and sense the shift in energy underway at this time. You are growing into the person you are destined to be and this will require some activation of your psychic and spiritual senses.

Your creativity will help you solve problems and find needed resources to help you ascend to your true purpose.

Soul level healing will be required for you to advance personally at this time. You will have the choice to awaken to your true self. In this process you will learn significant lessons about truth, hope dreams and illusions and fantasy.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal North Node

Your compassion and intuitive connection to others will help you to advance and develop on your path. You will have fortunate encounters with significant others who will help you harness your intuition and fine tune your creativity.

You may have opportunities to experience a significant rebirth and those in your circle will be the ‘midwives’ who help facilitate your healing process.

Your dreams will be within reach and as you become more confident in your intuition and abilities you may at first need others to point out your full capabilities.

Relationships can become vehicles for healing on a spiritual and emotional level at this time.

Transiting Neptune square natal North Node

Your emotions and insecurities will cloud your judgment at this time as will the illusions that you may confuse with intuition.

You are likely to become more confused about which path to take and any challenges will result in a desire to retreat into wishful thinking and fantasy.

You may have to choose between sobriety and addictive behavior in order to reach your highest potential.

You will be susceptible to self deception at this time and may become convinced that you have found your ‘Twin Flame’ or other destined relationship, or found your calling or purpose when really you have settled your focus on a dream and are not seeing things as they are.

Transiting Neptune trine natal North Node

You have exceptional intuition and sensitivity to energetic patterns. You are able to see the connectivity of all things and as a result you will have an easier time navigating to your higher purpose.

You will understand the signs and synchronicities leading you and it will not matter that others will question your judgment and rationality. At this time your instincts are right on target and you will find your way through an unusual combination of seemingly random events.

You may think more symbolically at this time or have flashes of insight related to past lives and even to your future self.

You are capable of accomplishing spiritual advancement at this time and may undergo a path to emotional healing and transmutation of traumatic energy or old wounds.

Transiting Neptune opposition natal North Node

Your ability to be flexible and accommodating may work against you at this time as you morph to fit others’ view of who you should be and may become more lost as a result.

Shaping your path around the needs of others can lead you into a path of codependency and denying your deeper purpose and mission. When the fog lifts you may come to resent those you feel the need to depend on or please.

Your intuition is trying to give you hints about your true path but you are having an unusually hard time discerning instincts from fantasy. You may also perceive mixed messages from your emotions and intuition. Your instincts are hazy and the right option is not apparent to you just yet.

You may have to give more form to your dreams otherwise you run the risk of drifting from opportunity to opportunity with no clear sense of direction.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal North Node

You have an added sensitivity to the cues and signs around you yet your interpretations of events which feel fated and destined to happen may be lacking some degree of insight.

You are likely to operate more from wishful thinking and fantasy than from true enlightenment. You may also think you have found your spiritual base but are susceptible to getting carried away with group think and self delusion.

After searching and seeking numerous outlets to find the truth, you will eventually unravel the mystery and find your path and calling.

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