Transiting Neptune on natal Ascendant: imagining relationships

imagination-world.jpg Neptune conjunct natal Ascendant
You prefer to be in the background at this time, and may need solitude to reflect and process recent events.

Your dreamy nature is amplified under this transit and others see you as a creative, compassionate idealist.

Your boundaries aren’t clear to you and it becomes difficult to set limits with others as a result. You may find that you are attracting needy people seeking healing. Be mindful of those who drain your energy or take advantage of your compassionate nature.

You may feel motivated by spiritual beliefs and are inclined to sacrifice yourself in relationships. You may continually feel disappointed by others when in reality, expectations and limits were not clearly established to begin with.

Your creativity and imagination are prominent and any work requiring these traits will be enhanced. Your physical energy level is not at its highest and you may be tempted to take the easy way. Be mindful of temptation to cheat or bend rules.
Neptune sextile natal Ascendant
Your intuition is strengthened, especially in relationships.

Others are drawn to you for healing and compassion. This can result in overextending your personal energy to help others, though relationships generally are smooth and easy going at this time

Social situations may bring temptation to overindulge in food or drink, be mindful of the need for some limits.

Others recognize your artistic abilities and seek your spiritual and philosophical perspective on different matter.

Neptune square natal Ascendant
Your relationships become vehicles for insight and healing by showing you what  lessons you have been avoiding.

You may be projecting your own insecurities or illusions onto others, and then becoming disappointed when they do not follow your wishes.

Your creativity or spiritual beliefs can become a crutch, shielding you from facing reality.

Your desire to be unrestricted and go at your own pace may not align with demands placed on you by work or other responsibilities. You may feel out of place in regimented settings.

Be mindful not to seek escape in addictive behavior or fantasies. You are being asked to face uncomfortable truths and hiding will not serve your greatest good.

Neptune trine natal Ascendant
You develop deeper connection with significant others and feel connected to others on a more spiritual even psychic level.

You are likely to experience a greater degree of flow in your life in general, things fall into place, you can have faith and know that you will land on your feet.

You don’t need to exert as much force, rather you find yourself attracting what you need or instinctively knowing how to end up in the right place at the right time.

Your compassionate nature is leading the way, you rely less on logic and tradition and are instead using creativity and spiritual principles to guide your actions.

You may need more time alone or may become overwhelmed by others’ energies.

This is an ideal time to slow your pace, meditate and open up to more spiritual practices in your everyday life.

Neptune opposition natal Ascendant
Emotional or psychological wounds that have been ignored may begin to manifest as physical ailments. There will always be an underlying spiritual or energetic component to these issues.

You are being asked to slow down and reconsider your perspective. Your faith may be challenged at this time and you need to make meaning of challenges that arise so that you will not get stuck in the role of victim or martyr.

Be mindful not to over-identify with illness. Hidden motivations to use illness as a means to manipulate others will not serve your highest good.

You are being challenged to let go of perceived control but may find surrendering difficult.

If your expectations are not met, you may take it personally and become discouraged, rather than learning from the experience and continuing to grow.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Ascendant
Your sense of self image and identity become vague at this time.

You may have shifted some boundaries, beliefs and attitudes enough to feel lost and unsure of where your path is going. You may also feel unclear about where your needs end and the needs of others begin.

Your focus becomes more spiritual and holistic at this time and you have a strong sense of connection to others and awareness of larger shifts and patterns around you. You may feel intuitive hunches about others or your own path, yet these are likely to be just enough to get your attention, but too vague to act on.

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