Transiting Neptune on Natal Midheaven

selfless career Selfless career

Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Midheaven

As your spiritual beliefs broaden and develop, you may experience confusion or a crisis of conscience pertaining to your career choices.

You may become more acutely aware of the suffering of others or feel guilty because of accomplishments or privilege that has led to injustice for others.

Your interests in the occult, spirituality and esoteric studies are heightened at this time. You may incorporate these interests into your career or public image in a more profound way.

You may channel your increased creativity or artistic ability to become a spokesperson for the disadvantaged.

Your career path or public image may no longer suit you as your awareness of higher ideals comes to the forefront. You may be confused about what to do next or become stuck in inertia as greater reflection and contemplation are required at this time.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Midheaven

Your sensitivity to the needs of others is more astute at this time.

You may also be more impressionable and easily influenced by those around you. This will be prominent in your public life and career.

As a result it will be tempting to turn your focus away from your own ambition and follow the group or focus on what is beneficial for the collective.

Be mindful of the tendency to become self-sacrificing. Lessons in humility may surface at this time to help you put your role in relation to others into perspective.

Keeping the peace and blending in to the background are more important than self-promotion at this time.

Transiting Neptune square natal Midheaven

Align with allies and mentors, especially those who believe in your career goals and mission.

This is a challenging time where situations may arise which cause you to doubt yourself or become lost in a sea of insecurities.

You may have difficulty asserting yourself or communicating your needs, especially in your professional life.

Constructive feedback may be misunderstood as criticism. Be clear about boundaries and expectations and make sure you clarify any possible miscommunications before jumping to conclusions.

You may feel the urge to retreat into fantasy or escapism but this will not be beneficial to you.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Midheaven

Your ambition is fueled by idealism and a personal sense of mission, rather than personal gain and ego.

You find creative ways to advance your career. A career in the arts, healing, self-help or spiritual fields can be advanced by this transit.

You access resources and support to help achieving your goals without exerting as much effort as usual.

Purpose, mission and service are more important than personal gain at this time and you may get involved with volunteer work or philanthropic causes.

Your attitudes toward wealth, vocation or money could change as you let go of previous markers of achievement.

Transiting Neptune opposition natal Midheaven

Clashes with those who don’t share your ideals, confusion, deception or escapism, including addictive behavior, can have serious ramifications for your career.

During this transit you must become clear about your mission and values. If you have been deceiving others or yourself, or if your actions are not in alignment with your values, you may experience losses as the slate is cleared so that you can rebuild a more authentic lifestyle.

Work situations that don’t align with your ideals will feel intolerable and you may feel that you are at odds with others in the workplace due to a conflict in ethical or moral beliefs.

You may feel disillusioned or disappointed by the realities of a work situation. Be careful not to sacrifice yourself to try to resolve a conflict at work.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Midheaven

This is an ideal time to reflect on your career path, job and interactions with the public including the reputation you have and that which you are striving for.

Your ideals may not be matching your daily routines. Adjustments need to be made but you may feel confused about how to proceed.

As you are reflecting on your current situation you may desire a break from your career and if not able to take a vacation, you may seek escape through fantasies, drinking or other outlets. Be mindful of not running away from problems at work through those channels. You will do better to contemplate and sit with the discomfort than to react with escapism.

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