Transiting Pluto on natal Mercury

hidden-truths.jpg Pluto reveals hidden truths

Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Mercury

You may feel like a detective, examining information thoroughly and searching out the underlying truths.

Your mind perseverates on any unanswered questions until the mystery is solved. Your focus may be drawn to issues previously considered dark, dangerous or taboo.

You may become fascinated by the occult, afterlife, and conspiracy theories. Work with Pluto’s empowering nature to delve into topics that lend itself to personal transformation and empowerment. Be mindful not to obsessively chase undeveloped theories. Sort out truth from mental obsessions.

Mental power is enhanced and you may easily draw stark, unorthodox, connections. Epiphanies arise from the depths of your mind. You suddenly come to understand issues on a deeper level. You may feel compelled to declare your epiphanies.

Keep your focus on productive uses of power and this new found heightened awareness. Be mindful of the temptation to become zealous or dogmatic. You are likely to experience mental breakthroughs, uncovering layers of knowledge which change your beliefs.

You may feel as if blinders have come off your eyes. With this new mindset comes power and the responsibility to use communication and intelligence in ways that are uplifting to others.

Interests become obsessions and you may feel compelled to take classes or advance your skills.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Mercury

Your communication with others takes on a tone of authority.

You may end up exposing others’ secrets or wounds through spoken and written communication.  Intense conversations take place and you may find that you are speaking with greater conviction, even pressured at times.

You may feel compelled to drill into the psyche of those around you. Be sure to distinguish between exploration and interrogation in your relationships with others.

Family secrets may be exposed, hidden issues in relationships to others come to the surface. Ready or not, deeper truths are about to be revealed and comfortable illusions will no longer suffice. Relationship issues become transparent at this time.

Previously repressed ideas are communicated and explored. Difficult but important conversations take place under this transit.

You are likely to make powerful connections with those in positions of authority through networking. Your potential for career advancement is good at this time especially as a result of your communication skills.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Mercury

This transit feels like a meeting of the minds between messenger and magician.

The transformative power of Pluto ignites your interest in new areas of study. Compelled to dig deeper into interests or awaken to esoteric studies that expand your mind, you come out of this transit with renewed mental energy and a changed mindset.

You easily win over others through articulating your beliefs with an aura of authority. You may feel pressured to complete tasks involving study, writing or speaking. Take your time as this pressure is more likely subjective, a result of strong Plutonian energy.

Your focus and mental energy will guide your ability to manifest to a greater degree than usual. All the more reason to keep your focus on what you want to attract.

Transiting Pluto square natal Mercury

A deep inner sense of restlessness causes you to question your beliefs and world view.

You may become obsessively focused until you get to the bottom of matters. It can become difficult for you to be open to others’ views. Without realizing it, your impassioned ideas can come across as dominating.

Communication issues with authority figures and power struggles can distract you from your goals.

Keep your focus on what you are ultimately trying to achieve and let go of the need to force your beliefs or ideas on other people.

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Mercury

Mentally sharp and quick to speak your mind, don’t resort to manipulating others or using words as weapons.

Remain open to others’ views. Compromise is challenging.

You may also feel drawn to dogmatic leaders, be mindful of group think during this transit. Power doesn’t always equal righteousness and this transit can bring you reminders of this.

At the same time, those in authority are not necessarily your adversary. Be open to ways you can collaborate and compromise. Especially when it comes to areas of life you would like to transform.

Recognize the power of your words and ideas and align them with transformation and healing.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Mercury

Your thinking is likely to become more obsessive and you may believe that insistence, willpower and intense focus will get you closer to your goals. In some cases this may be correct, but in general you are more likely to spin your wheels at this time.

You are likely to obsess over some detail that proves irrelevant in the long run, or over analyze some aspect of a situation trying to plan everything out in advance only to find your plans are meaningless as changes take place.

You may put energy into writing or communication only to have your point misunderstood, or have to rework your project several times before it is really ready to submit.

Over focusing is not as helpful as focusing on the correct target and it will take a while to refine your thought processes and plans so that you aren’t missing your mark.

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