Transiting Pluto on natal Mars

assert-yourself.png Energy for asserting yourself

Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Mars

You are compelled to action, devoting one hundred percent to your goals.

Your energy level is heightened. You may require less sleep than usual. You feel triggered not only to action but also to anger, quicker than usual.

You feel emboldened by this transit, your confidence given a boost that results in an air of authority. You may take the lead, assuming new responsibilities. You are compelled to take on every challenge by yourself.

You feel driven, stirred to action and passionate about your interests at this time. This is a time of great accomplishment.

You have no problem going the extra mile and may come across to others as assertive, even forceful. Your increased drive to succeed combined with a singular focus may make it difficult to consider others’ views or the impact of your actions on others.

You don’t think twice about making a leap of faith, Pluto’s influence helps you remain focused. A shift in status, greater confidence in your skills, or a role involving leadership are possible.

Sexual activity and arousal are incited by this transit and you may feel others are magnetically drawn to you. If you are working with sexuality in a healthy way, this transit may lead you to explore more adventurous sexual encounters.

If sexuality is being used to mask deeper insecurities, you may feel driven to seek out sexual encounters as a means of dominating other people and fueling your sense of self-worth.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Mars

Others regard you as an authority on matters and this helps to build your confidence.

You are likely to break out of your comfort zone and become a champion for certain causes with the encouragement of others.

You become more assertive. While you will thrive on independence and taking initiative at this time, there are others around you who are helping you get closer to your goals.

You may feel strong attractions to others who have an edge or air of mystery. Sexual energy is heightened at this time and you may crave deeper physical connection with others.

You are likely to seek experiences to challenge your physical strength (a new sport or weight lifting routine for example). You may become more of a ‘daredevil’ seeking an adrenaline rush through extreme sports.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Mars

Fortunate opportunities fall into place for you to channel your passions and interests.

There is no end to your physical energy and no stopping you once you are focused on an achievement.

You have the potential to succeed in sports, competitions or goals that require discipline and exertion of the physical body.

Your career will also likely advance due to the surge in ambitious energy and focus toward your goals. You will likely dive head first into new ventures or opportunities to advance and will easily find the energy to work around or climb over any obstacles in your way.

Transiting Pluto square natal Mars

You may be thrown off course and your plans challenged due to circumstances beyond your control.

Whether you welcome these changes or not, the shake down is necessary for long-term gains.

Power struggles arise forcing you to discern when to stand your ground and when to compromise. Don’t let the need to have the last word, or to convert others to your views cause you to burn important bridges.

You may feel like you have to prove yourself to others, but this can become a distraction. Intense energy channeled at a fast pace can lead to you to become accident prone. Be careful while driving. You may feel compelled to take risks and this could lead to accidents as well.

Harness the flow of energy to empower yourself and uplift others, not toward aggressive and grandiose purposes. You are able to peer deep into the minds and hearts of others, use the information ethically.

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Mars

Battle of wills and egos can ensue especially in relationship to authority figures.

Don’t get stuck in power struggles. Manipulating others or trying to force your views or will on others is not the best use of this heightened energy.

Jealousy and anger are triggered easily. Be mindful of how you react to these emotions. Your instincts can be heightened by Pluto, though Mars will lead you to jump to conclusions before all facts are known.

Your increased drive and ambition can lead you to exhaustion and burn out if you are not careful. Hasty decisions may be regretted later.

Being in too much of a hurry can lead to mistakes or even accidents. Don’t let your drive to succeed cause you to disregard sound advice from others or make reckless decisions that end up costing you in the long-term.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Mars

You are likely to battle wills with others only to find out that even if you win the power struggle, you still have not accomplished your goals.

Your ambition is given a boost, but it may be a boost in the wrong direction or excessive energy that just becomes nervous tension rather than being productive.

You can express your frustration and anger over the inconveniences you are likely to face at this time, but that same energy can be better spent rerouting your path.

Avoid argument for the sake of argument at this time as you may do irreversible damage to some relationships by insisting on having your way without considering others’ points of view or considering what your ultimate objective is in the first place.


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