Transiting Pluto on Natal Neptune

spiritual-awakening.jpg Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune

Profound spiritual awakening occurs at this time.

You are shedding any and all illusions and coming face to face with essential truths. Your beliefs will be altered and you may be attracted to a new spiritual path or otherwise seek spirituality in a significantly different way at this time.

Your path of personal evolution is accelerated at this time as old wounds are healed and you are finally able to release old patterns of thinking and illusions which previously kept you trapped in illusions of control.

You feel as if you are operating on a higher plane, seeing the big picture and working to resolve deep seated issues on both the material, psychological and spiritual planes.

Your relationships have an intense, ethereal and mystical undertone to them.

You are grappling with the undercurrents of your own mind. Intuition and psychic connection are strong. Your dreams may seem more real than waking life and are likely offering you significant clues and intuitive guidance.

Otherworldly guidance is likely to have a powerful impression on you, be it through synchronicity, spirit communication, divination or dream work. You have a sixth sense about things and need to focus your attention on getting to the root of the matter. Don’t let anxiety and fear of the unknown paralyze you.

Your moods may be deep and reflective. Though your imagination is powerfully activated, don’t let whims and wishful thinking distract you from what is otherwise a powerful time of transformation and growth.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Neptune

You have a strong desire to bond with those around you.

What you seek is beyond empathy and could be described as completely submerging yourself in other people’s inner worlds. Though you have great understanding and powers of empathy under this transit, be mindful not to lose yourself completely.

Relationships become vehicles for powerful personal transformation and can drastically alter your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

You may seek connection with others as a means of escaping from your own life. Be cautious of obsessive and addictive relationships.

Transiting Pluto square natal Neptune

Powerful forces in the universe are trying to help pull the veil back so that you can see hidden truth and access deep core power.

You are likely to resist accepting changes in anything other than small doses. Playing hide-and-seek with these powerful forces of change will only delay the inevitable call for transformation.

Rather than hiding in daydreams, fantasies or even addictive behaviors, let the curtain be drawn back fully. Accept the gifts of powerful rebirth, truth and wisdom as forces which are helping you to evolve.

Deny the changes taking shape around you, and you will only be forced to contend with the newly emerging reality at some later time anyway. Likely after everyone else has already seen clearly the foundation giving way to a new path that you have been ignoring.

You can work with this transit to challenge yourself to stay present. Use your spiritual beliefs to help you make meaning in this challenging time, but be careful not to use philosophy and religion as a crutch to avoid dealing with the emotional aspects of loss and change.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Neptune

You easily access information on numerous realms including the spiritual and psychic realms.

Your dreams may be prophetic and hunches are strong at this time. You are likely to experience an awakening on a spiritual and emotional level and will need the support of others to fully process the changes taking place.

Keeping yourself centered and grounded is important. You are likely to yearn for spiritual connection that the material, mundane world may seem like an inconvenience.

Significant healing is possible for you. An area in life where you have felt scapegoated or an unresolved wound will be brought to the surface. Your healing will occur on an energetic and Karmic, as well as physical and emotional level.

Transiting Pluto opposition natal Neptune

You may feel compelled to cling to illusions even as truth comes barreling at you full speed ahead.

Refusing to see things as they are presents more obstacles for you than accepting the difficulties brought to the surface during this transit.

You may face numerous losses, relationships or things you thought were guaranteed are now revealed as temporary or superficial. It is best to face painful truths than remain blissfully ignorant at this time.

Be mindful not to lose yourself in addictions to hide from reality. Situations which trigger your fears are actually calling you to embrace the power of facing the unknown, rather than running from it.

Those in power may bring news that challenges your dreams or deeply held beliefs. Adjust your expectations without completely abandoning your goals.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Neptune

Consequences of living in a self imposed fantasy world will be emerging at this time though changes made now will have a long term impact, the initial stages of transition are likely to be subtle and vague.

The only thing you may know for certain at this time is that a major transformation is coming, though the details may be confusing and elusive.

Trying to control the process will not work. You will be guided by your intuition but may confuse fear and insecurity for instinct at this time.

Release your hold on the situation and be open to going with the flow.


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