Transiting Pluto on natal North Node

true-path.jpg Uncovering your true path

Transiting Pluto conjunct natal North Node

Deep, probing questions fill your mind at this time. You are digging beneath the surface to uncover who you really are and discover your true path.

You may have to completely release pillars of your present life. Relationships, career or aspects of your personality may be ‘dying off’ at this time. As a result, you are given a chance to be reborn. This powerful rebirth process helps you to eventually fulfill your destiny.

You are being magnetically drawn toward circumstances which will help you fulfill your mission and purpose. What is being deconstructed right now will be rebuilt. Profound truths may be revealed which help you to accomplish your goals.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal North Node

Truths about your underlying drives, needs and patterns of behavior are revealed at this time. Relationships are the vehicle through which Karmic lessons are delivered. Although challenges are brought to the surface through relationship losses or power struggles, you are given the chance to overcome unconscious patterns which have undermined you in the past.

As a result of transformative revelations, you are brought closer to your destiny and will learn to work with your personal power and strengths without dominating others or resorting to jealousy, manipulation and power struggles.

You will be given the opportunity to embrace your Shadow self as your inner turmoil and unresolved wounds are brought into the light. You have the opportunity to undergo significant healing which will set you on the path to fulfilling your purpose.

You will have fortunate encounters with influential authority figures who will help you advance on your true path.

Transiting Pluto square natal North Node

You have an intense need to exert your willpower in pursuit of a path of advancement. In spite of this you find obstacles which prohibit you from moving forward in the direction you feel compelled to go.

Your focus becomes intense and obsessive, but exerting your will on others and the world around you doesn’t yield the results you were hoping for.

Less is more right now. Adjustments to your strategy needs to be made. You are being brought into alignment with your destiny. Things may not align exactly as you think they should in order for you to advance. Be open to detours and other options.

You may feel conflicted about embracing your future and letting go of some aspects of your present comfort zone.

Transiting Pluto trine natal North Node

Your intuitive instincts are strong at this time and are helping you to navigate your path to fulfill your higher purpose.

Your drive to succeed is powerfully activated. You will make decisions now based on instinct and will feel compelled to pursue a new path which brings advancement.

Relationships which end at this time have fulfilled their Karmic mission in your life and although painful you will likely experience relief with these losses as well. You may also encounter new significant others whose influence is life changing and leads to personal transformation.

Doors open for numerous opportunities for advancement and you easily ascend into situations in which you hold power, responsibility and status in career or relationships. Rather than using this power for personal gain in a superficial or manipulative way, you are likely to channel this power to pursue evolution and personal, spiritual and emotional advancement.

Transiting Pluto opposition natal North Node

You are obsessively fixated on the trappings of power which you have not yet outgrown. You may be prone to jealousy, possessiveness and addictive thinking at this time. Karmic lessons involving control, loss and rebirth are in the spotlight.

You will have to make some adjustments to your underlying attitudes and resolve old wounds in order to move closer to fulfilling your mission. At this time, you are likely to cling to self sabotaging or destructive thoughts and behaviors out of habit.

Resisting changes which need to take place in order to advance on your path, you could end up sabotaging relationships through power struggles and dominating behaviors.

You may be resistant to look at deeper truths which are necessary to confront before you can evolve and advance. Fears and insecurities are triggered and you would do well to resist the urge to project these feelings onto those around you.

You may be holding on to people or situations which you have long outgrown out of fear of starting over. Instead of clinging to the past allow losses to bring healing and closure into your life.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal North Node

You are being prepared to fulfill your highest potential. At this time, Karmic lessons surrounding power, life, death and rebirth are in the spotlight.

You may have to experience significant losses in order to strike a balance in your relationships. You may also go to extremes before you find a happy medium in your relationship with power. Going from extremes of manipulation, jealousy, power struggles or dominating others, to sidestepping your own power and acting in passive or passive aggressive ways.

Eventually you will become comfortable with your gifts, power and intuition and will learn to exert your influence over others in positive ways to help fulfill your highest goals while being a facilitator of transformation for those around you.


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