North Node Transit on Natal Venus: karmic romantic encounters

romantic-meeting.jpg North Node conjunct natal Venus

Your understanding of balance, harmony and relationships is about to change in a drastic way. You may open up to deeper connections with others at this time. A significant relationship such as a soul mate or someone with whom you have a Karmic bond will figure prominently in your life.

Your life path may be greatly changed as a result of someone close to you. Friendships offer support as you undergo personal transformation.

You may feel a greater sense of self worth and as a result, you begin to expect more from others, from career, and generally set yourself on a higher level.

Your financial situation can change for the better, though income at this time is likely to be used to advance your path and fulfill your mission, rather than spent frivolously.

If there had been any unresolved issues in relationships, you can now reach a point of healing and transformation.

Even money may serve as a Karmic equalizer at this time as a settlement owed to you may come through or likewise a debt owed to someone else will be repaid.

North Node sextile natal Venus

Others help to uplift you and show you your true path and calling. With the support of loved ones you can blossom at this time. Your life takes on a new direction and you feel attracted to people who then offer life changing guidance and insight.

Others are attracted to you as well and without even realizing it you are presently assembling a team around you. With the help of this team you will be freeing yourself from burdens of past emotional wounds and embarking on a new phase of your journey. You will likely experience greater harmony with others and expressing compassion will be a large part of your current mission.

Lovers and significant others are showing you valuable life lessons at this time and you may be learning how to embrace and receive love for the first time.

Your attitude toward relationships may change now as well as you come into greater alignment with what it means to unconditionally love others.

North Node square natal Venus

You may be resisting deeper lessons on love, compassion and forgiveness and instead hold on to a petty or insecure view of relationships. Try to remain aware of any temptation toward manipulating others or exploiting others’ trust in you or attraction to you.

Your relationships may become rocky at this time as you are being given a chance to make some larger changes and realign your boundaries. The more you resist these changes, the more you will find these relationships to be intolerable until adjustments are made.

You may have to walk in anothers’ footsteps in order to truly appreciate hardships they have gone through and while you may feel uncomfortable with these harsh lessons, you are learning to empathize deeply with others.

North Node trine natal Venus

Relationships are a vehicle for Karmic release and healing at this time. You may have the experience of trading roles with someone close to you and as a result empathize with them because you have now experienced their world for the first time.

You may also meet a Soul Mate or find a significant connection with a friend or loved one that helps you to truly understand what love is.

Your finances may be boosted at this time though there is likely a feeling of rebalancing, a debt is paid, or someone gives you resources owed to you to make up for an imbalance, such as in a settlement.

North Node opposite natal Venus

You may feel at odds with those you love and with people around you in general. Try not to get into petty struggles to make others prove their feelings for you. The strain you are feeling in relationships is just as much about your underlying fears and insecurities as it is about any shortcomings on the other person’s side.

With this in mind, allow for deeper insights into your own subconscious patterns in relationships. How are you sabotaging yourself? What are you not valuing about yourself? How are you looking to others to validate you rather than holding yourself in high regard?

You may learn important lessons about love by realizing you have no control over the paths of those you love. You may experience reminders about expressing love through letting someone go so they can be true to themselves, rather than trying to possess another.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Venus

You are capable of expressing love and affection for others in a true and unconditional sense, yet something is holding you back. You may be hesitating when it comes to opening your heart to others.

You could learn valuable lessons in vulnerability at this time. In order to get the best benefit from this transit, you would do well to adjust to the discomfort of accepting your need to collaborate, to be vulnerable, and to be receptive to the needs of others.

Although you may not want to open up to others on this level in the short term, you are actually setting the stage for stronger relationships and more satisfying romantic and personal life in the future.


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