Transiting North Node on natal Mars: working toward your goals with tireless energy

goals-energy.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct Natal Mars

You are now crystal clear about your path and set out to pursue your goals with tireless energy. Your ambition is strong and you will not be deterred by any obstacles. You have learned how to sacrifice your individual needs to be part of the group, family, partnership or team. Now you are driven to create a life that focuses on your unique strengths and gifts.

You may become more comfortable with your own power and rise to new levels of determination and assertiveness than ever before.

You are also more focused now and will be able to prove to yourself how strong you really are and how much you can handle.

This is an ideal time to embrace your potential for leadership. It is also an ideal time to embark on a quest that involves challenging yourself either mentally, physically or both. You may become more aware of the needs of your physical body and challenge yourself through martial arts or sports.

Your sense of competition is sparked and you are capable of motivating yourself to overcome any obstacles because you view challenges as a game. Whether you perceive yourself as competing against others or against your own personal best to date, you will be inclined to go the extra mile to try to push yourself past your previous breaking point.

Transiting North Node sextile Natal Mars

You have already developed the ability to be an integral part of partnerships and groups. Now it is time for you to step up to the task of becoming more autonomous. How will you handle obstacles when there is no one else to turn to for advice? How will you navigate the parts of your journey that you need to walk alone?

Courage, confidence and ambition are your in abundance at this time. You are able to face challenges head on and not afraid to push your own limitations.

While you may inspire the admiration of others, you are determined to act on your own best interest whether you have others’ approval or not.

Transiting North Node square Natal Mars

Your desire for change, advancement and success are being undermined. You may want to project your frustrations on to others, accusing those around you for stagnation or confusion on your path, yet you are sabotaging your progress in ways you can’t clearly see and appreciate at this time.

You may be pushing too hard and as a result creating chaos and messes that set you back. You may also be spinning your wheels or diffusing your energy in power struggles with others rather than focusing your efforts on actions that will truly help you to advance.

You may feel more ambivalent about the path you need to take and vacillate between options because no matter which choice you make, obstacles arise which you don’t feel entirely confident you can overcome.

Take time to get clear and centered, it is better to do less than to do more for the sake of looking busy while not making progress.

Transiting North Node trine natal Mars

Your focus is finely tuned at this time and your motivation is super charged. You may be striking out on your own or in an independent direction, but you are sure to find your path and land on your feet because you have made up your mind that nothing will stand in your way.

You may be fully developing into your personal power and showing the world your courage and strength. You will test your limits and come to understand what you are truly made of.

This is a great time to take action on longings and urges that you previously were too afraid to pursue. Some degree of risk is involved but you are being led by a powerful energy and drawn as if magnetically to initiate changes in your life right now.

You may become more comfortable speaking your truth, cutting ties with others, and asserting your needs without letting anger overpower you or backing down in passivity.

Transiting North Node opposition natal Mars

You are allowing your energy to spin in haphazard directions and numerous distractions including power struggles are draining your focus.

You aren’t used to asking for help and feel compelled to go it alone even when it is obvious that you can’t handle what you have taken on.

You may feel compelled to prove yourself though what you are trying to prove and why may elude you.

You may unintentionally push others away and burn bridges, alienating yourself from those who could easily help you if you would allow them.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Mars

You may feel irritable and frustrated at this time. You feel compelled to get active and fulfill your ambitions, but the opportunities aren’t lining up at this time.

Focus your motivation. You will have the opportunity to take action and achieve your goals but right now your path is not yet clearly defined. You have plenty of fuel but an incomplete roadmap and to strike out on your own will only cause you to waste your energy.


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