Transiting North Node on Natal Jupiter: spirituality and philosophy

lotus.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal Jupiter

You have an opportunity to really expand beyond any previous limitations and may reinvent yourself on a grand scale at this time.

You may adopt new spiritual beliefs or have a significant change in philosophy which helps to establish your lifestyle and goals for the future.

Your influence has grown and expanded at this time. You may receive greater status or influence at work or in relationships. Across the board, you are being uplifted and supported by influential significant others, and you are also fulfilling your purpose as a leader, guru or mentor to others.

Sacred knowledge or advance studies are possible at this time. If you are destined to travel to a foreign place or connect with others from a different background, opportunities will arise for this to occur.

You may feel the scales of justice tipping in your favor and you are likely to receive payoff in some form or another for past sacrifices. Karmic connections help you to advance on numerous levels.

Transiting North Node sextile natal Jupiter

Influential connections will help you to transcend any limitations or obstacles at this time. You may be accustomed to working anonymously or being part of a team operating behind the scenes without drawing much attention to yourself. At this time, however you can become a spokesperson. You are in the spotlight and visible to a broad audience.

As such you must adjust to being seen as an influencer or authority figure and you may feel like you are expected to fill the large footsteps of a predecessor at work or an elder in the family.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Trust your abilities and bring your authentic view and voice to the table. Others will likely respond well to your leadership abilities because you are learning to become a fair minded mediator and a just leader.

Transiting North Node square natal Jupiter

You may be at odds with your higher self. Playing small is tempting now yet you may abandon fortunate opportunities before really giving yourself a chance to thrive and succeed.

You may need to adjust to new responsibilities or a change in personal vision and philosophy.

You have a chance to really succeed and build wealth, influence and abundance yet you may become distracted by the pursuit of status, luxuries and material items.

Transiting North Node trine natal Jupiter

Perhaps for the first time, you can truly see yourself succeeding. You can envision yourself rising beyond any patterns or conditions which had been acceptable or tolerable but not truly in alignment with your highest potential.

Doors are opening for you and you are likely to expand your influence and status at this time. A life changing new direction in career may bring with it opportunities to lead or grow a business. You may also have the opportunity to draw on your spiritual and philosophical beliefs to dedicate time and energy to some type of philanthropic work.

You are now focused on not only your own advancement but also the best way to uplift others and promote growth and healing on a community and even societal level.

Transiting North Node opposition natal Jupiter

You aren’t seeing the big picture and when you try to break free from limitations, insecurities and fears can kick in resulting in confusion and passivity.

You may not be taking advantage of fortunate opportunities if you insist on holding tightly to the foundation you believe to be secure. Trying to preserve the past will only keep you stuck and even the foundation you thought you could count on will likely crumble.

If you can try to remain open to new possibilities and allow authority figures to help guide you, you could be very successful but a new foundation is being established now. Be mindful not to limit your own opportunities by not believing in yourself.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Jupiter

You may feel constrained and limited by trying to fit into someone else’s definition of who you are, or an outdated formula of how to achieve success.

On some level, you know the tried and true path that worked for others is not the path for you. Regardless, you haven’t fully reached the level of confidence to envision your own unique path and so you feel like a large fish in a small pond, trying to exert your influence and expand your horizons, while being contained in situations, a career, or relationships that are not in alignment with the direction you are headed.

This frustration will help motivate you to go back to the drawing board and figure out just where you are going and how far you will let yourself thrive in order to succeed.


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