Transiting North Node on natal Saturn: taking responsibility

elephants-river.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal Saturn

During this time, you will experience powerful Karmic lessons.

You may feel that there is a divinely ordained timing to the doors that are opening, and those closing, on your path. Your instincts regarding this divine timing would be correct. Nothing will take shape for you unless you have allowed events to fall into place according to their proper order, season and time. There is no use rushing, no amount of effort will enable you to impose your individual will on the structures and institutions in your life.

On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to mature and advance on your path, embracing a new level of responsibility. You may not at first feel cut out for the job, but time will prove to you that you are capable. You will attain greater wisdom as a result of harsh lessons and obstacles.

You are laying the foundation for a new path ahead. Your ability to discipline yourself and be patient will help you to succeed in the long run. Karmic experiences help you to gain a more mature perspective and you will eventually be grateful for the newly established security in your life.

Transiting North Node sextile natal Saturn

You may feel restricted because of obligations to others.

You may also be resisting taking responsibility for some part of your life. Hiding from obligations will not make them go away.

If you doubt your ability to handle challenges placed on your path, allow those around you, especially elders or mentors with life experience beyond yours, to step in and guide you.

You are maturing and gaining wisdom at this time even through challenging experiences. Not getting what you want may be exactly what you need right now.

Transiting North Node square natal Saturn

You may be trying hard to advance, especially in career, yet not following the proper order.

Karmic lessons surrounding responsibility, discipline and obligation to family, society and other institutions will surround you now.

Although you may seek wisdom and opportunities to grow and mature, you are still trying to project your personal ambition or will onto the community or society around you and may become frustrated when this doesn’t work.

Rather than struggling against the current structures in your life, you would be better off working within the existing framework. Now is not the time to tear down walls and assert your individuality, but to work with the resources and even with the limitations surrounding you.

Transiting North Node trine natal Saturn

You are ready for new accomplishments in career and are willing to lay a solid foundation to achieve your goals.

Limitations may exist on your path, but you are more patient than usual and are able to wait out detours, gaining wisdom from the process.

You are going through a growth spurt and will be maturing at this time in part due to challenges you have endured.

You may develop a greater sense of appreciation for rules, order, tradition and the sacrifices of your elders and ancestors. Sacrifices that you must make at this time are seen as necessary steps to achieve your goals and there may be a Karmic lesson involving limitations, loss and self discipline.

You feel naturally inclined toward responsibility and without planning for it an obligation you voluntarily take on now may benefit you in career, finances or personal life down the road.

Transiting North Node opposition natal Saturn

You may become stuck in the past, rehashing old losses, wounds and issues but not yet learning significant lessons from them.

Your consciousness is tied in to past events and limitations not because you are intended to remain fixated on what didn’t work out your way, but because there is some valuable Karmic lesson underlying it all.

Shift your perspective and extract the lessons so you can move on.

You may also be resistant to setting the foundation needed to make larger changes which will eventually lead to success. Impatience may be sabotaging you. You may also be bogged down by the shadow side of responsibility, fear of making a costly mistake or underlying guilt that prompts you to carry the burdens of others.

Sort out what is helpful and what needs to be released so that you can gain a clear perspective on the past and build your new path for the future.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Saturn

In the past you may have envisioned yourself living a simple, modest life in which hard work and self discipline helped you to achieve success. Now that you can scale back, embrace limitations and focus on your path to success, it suddenly feels less glamorous.

The reality of sacrifice and discipline and the anxiety and self doubt which accompany greater responsibility were not quite what you bargained for.

Still there is a Karmic force at work here. Opportunities you truly need and perhaps even want are being manifested. As are the consequences and mundane issues which accompany them. You will be able to deal with the hassles and inconveniences that go with this maturing process and eventually will see this phase as a necessary part of claiming the success you had hoped for.


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