Transiting North Node on natal Neptune: discovering your soul’s purpose

soul-purpose.jpg Transiting North Node conjunct natal Neptune

You feel inspired to pursue your mission and feel like you have discovered your soul’s purpose.

You may feel intuitively led to fulfill certain tasks that align with your calling. You are likely to find that your mission is related to helping others heal and advance spiritually, just as you are now advancing spiritually.

You are undergoing deep healing at this time. Old emotions are released and you may undergo a transformation as a result of having transmuted challenges on your path and come to your own recovery and rebirth as a result.

You may feel drawn to pursue a new path in career related to healing, addiction counseling, the arts, or spiritual guidance.

You may also come to embrace a new spiritual path or perhaps become initiated into a new religion or seek communion with Spirit through developing your intuition. Any changes you make will have the potential to alter your path for the future.

Transiting North Node sextile natal Neptune

Others help nurture your transition at this time as you become more intuitively and spiritually aware.

Others may also serve as mentors and guides as you embark on a process of deeper personal healing.

You are likely to feel supported in your healing process because of the role of friends, family and community creating a safe cocoon for you to retreat into and then experience transformation.

You may meet a spiritual advisor or guru at this time and this person will have a profound effect on your life.

Transiting North Node square natal Neptune

You may feel that you have found your path and your higher calling but are likely to be deceiving yourself.

Be careful of grandiosity and wishful thinking. Your ideals may be solid but the path you think you need to take in order to embody them may involve some level of escapism.

Even spirituality can become a drug or escape for you if you are not careful to maintain some balance.

You may have high hopes for a smooth transition to enlightenment and underestimate how much will be demanded of you if you are truly to make needed changes.

Rather than retreating or giving up, draw on your spiritual connection and ability to transcend present obstacles and you will be able to go with the flow and work through challenges.

Transiting North Node trine natal Neptune

You will be deeply satisfied and fulfilled both emotionally and spiritually as you now have the opportunity to align with your true calling.

Rather than exerting yourself, you will be able to go with the flow and be open to opportunities that surround you. You may be intuitively led to connect with others that can help you achieve your goals at this time.

This is an ideal time for healing on the spiritual, emotional and Karmic levels and you feel free to release what has been holding you back.

Your creativity is also heightened at this time and you will have opportunities to employ your intuitive and imaginative powers in order to succeed.

Transiting North Node opposition natal Neptune

You are being given subtle cues and signs showing you what changes need to be made to facilitate evolution and healing on a personal and spiritual level. You may be overlooking these signs or resisting intuitive guidance.

Perhaps you are being led onto a path that is unfamiliar and so your logical mind second guesses your instincts. Your intuition may also be foggy or confused with wishful thinking at this time as well.

A transition is under way but you don’t have to rush the process. Simply open to what is emerging on your path and you will know when it is the right time to take action. Until then try to remain an observer and trust in the instincts you have no matter how subtle the cues or how small the next steps appear to be.

Transiting North Node quincunx natal Neptune

Your intuition is guiding you to make changes but you may be missing the mark when trying to interpret the cues from your dreams or synchronicities which emerge on your path.

You may, without realizing it, self select the intuitive guidance you follow so that it reinforces a fantasy image of what you think lies ahead.

Deceiving yourself in this way will not bring the results you want. Although you may take a roundabout path through confusion and wishful thinking, you will eventually find what you need in the process.


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