The natal planets in the houses provide a deeper meaning to a natal chart

Houses.jpgThe Planets in the Houses

Astrology is multilayered and goes so much deeper than the surface knowledge of one’s Sun Sign or even Moon or Rising Sign.

In order to grasp the deeper dimensions of one’s personality and life path, various elements of the natal chart must be considered. One of the best ways to drill down accurate information on an individual is to understand the planets and their placement in both signs and houses.

Yet the astrological houses are often overlooked, leaving out a wealth of information.

Think of the houses as twelve facets of life. Each house is the ‘home base’ for specific energy that corresponds to important aspects of our human experience.

The first house, for example is like the exterior of the home we live in. It reveals much about our identity because it tells us what we reveal to others as a first impression. The presence of specific planets in the first house will also reveal how these planets help us to showcase our talents, depending on the specific planet in the house.

For example if Jupiter is in the first house, it means the individual easily conveys jovial traits including optimism, generosity, philanthropy and abundance. If Saturn, in contrast, is in the first house, the individual will have a serious nature and appear more mature than their age.

If we are to understand love and relationships on a deeper level, we need to examine the planets in the seventh house of partnerships. If Uranus is in the seventh house an individual is drawn to unconventional partnerships and can be rebellious in relationships. Their independence and abrupt nature can make long term partnerships difficult to sustain.

On the other hand, they may follow their intuition to make unorthodox connections that work out well. If Neptune is in the seventh house, the individual craves deep emotional connection but may also get distracted by illusions or become attracted to people who are wounded or addicted.

We will also want to consider which house the planet Venus is in. Someone with Venus in the tenth house for example is going to be married to their career but may also find love and romance as a result of their work and public life. They are likely to seek a partnership that will advance their status and promote their career in some way.

On the other hand, someone with Venus in their fifth house takes a playful approach to love and may carry on several superficial relationships, seeking pleasure and excitement and enjoying the process before finally deciding to settle down.

The houses give an anchor to each planet, showing us where the planet’s strengths and challenges are focused in our lives. For more information about the nuances each planet takes on depending upon house placement, continue reading the following series and learn about the impact of the planets in each house.

If you know your birth time, you can see the houses where your planets are located, along with the interpretation, at the bottom of the “Birth chart’s answers” section of the Reports page.


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