Natal Venus in the 12 Astrological Houses

Venus.jpg How do you express your affection and love for others?

Natal Venus in House 1

Your compassion and vulnerable nature shine through. You wear your heart on your sleeve and have a sensitive gentle nature. You fall in love easily and are considered attractive by others.

You are concerned about balance, harmony and fairness. You don’t like to cause disruptions but you will diplomatically speak or act on behalf of those who seem to be treated unfairly.

You value beauty and are likely to be artistically inclined. At the very least you show your sense of aesthetics in the clothes you choose and have a good sense of fashion.

You love to be in love and when your heart is broken it doesn’t take you long to move on and give romance another try. You can’t help allowing your heart lead you in decision making.

Natal Venus in House 2

Natal Venus in your second house which is ruled by the planet Venus gives added emphasis to the energy of this planet. You have strong attraction power and this is channeled not only to draw love interests to you but also to manifest material wealth and abundance.

You understand the value of both money and other resources. You also understand your own value and aren’t afraid to let others know you expect to be treated with respect and admiration.

You love to create beauty, comfort and harmony in your home and surroundings. You also embody beauty. You have a romantic side that you can blend with your practical nature.

You enjoy pleasure and are sensual and creative. You look for luxury and the finer things in life including art, good food and music.

You can be lucky in love and finances and when you fall in love you become concerned with making sure your partner feels comfortable. Pleasing others is also important to you. You strive to make sure everyone is happy and enjoying life.

Natal Venus in House 3

You can be intellectual when it comes to affection and love. You may express your sense of romance through writing poetry or love letters. Your speech is often eloquent and romantic in nature.

You are outgoing, friendly and charming. You don’t have to go far to find love. Although you may always be on the move and connecting with new friends you seem to stumble into relationships as you are going through your daily commute or in your own neighborhood. You may also end up pursuing relationships with those connected to you through friends and siblings.

One of the keys to falling in love is your intellect and numerous interests. You are likely to fall in love with the idea of a person before really getting to know who they are.

You can be both idealistic and analytical when it comes to romance. You expect people to act based on reason and logic and can be surprised and hurt when this does not happen.

You may also fall in love with those who have important lessons to teach you or who stimulate your mind.

Natal Venus in House 4

Natal Venus in your fourth house gives you a sentimental, romantic and affectionate approach to home life. You are sensitive to the feelings of others especially family and close friends. You prefer the comfort of home, even when dating. You would rather enjoy a meal and movie at home than an exciting night on the town.

Your sense of romantic may be more traditional and influenced by your childhood and family life. You may seek a partner who seems like an ideal co-parent. You may also become attracted to someone you can see yourself living with for the long run. You take commitment seriously and don’t date casually.

You also have a creative talent for home decoration and beautifying your living space.

You want your home to be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed but also where you can share your blessings with others. You easily attract resources and abundance that benefit your home and family. You may even gain financially as a result of real estate business or acquiring property.

Natal Venus in House 5

Natal Venus in your fifth house gives your love life playful, exciting energy. To you love is a game. You love to be admired by others and aren’t concerned about exploring casual affairs rather than serious relationships.

You are adventurous and outgoing and love to be the center of attention. You will lose interest in a partner who doesn’t show you the admiration and attention you feel you deserve.

You can be optimistic and child like and you relate well with children and young people. You value fairness and harmony and may use games and playfulness to instill values in young people in your life.

Your desire for pleasure can lead you to excess opulence and although you easily attract money and resources you may just as easily let abundance slip through your fingers.

Natal Venus in House 6

Natal Venus in your sixth house gives you a practical nature in romance and relationships. You are likely to attract potential partners through the course of your daily work. You are subtle in relationships and prefer to be a collaborator behind the scenes than in the spotlight.

You don’t need excess admiration though you know what your time and energy are worth. You are typically able to negotiate a reasonable salary and are not likely to let others take advantage of your work.

You love creating harmony and understanding. Your compassionate nature may lead you into work as a counselor. You may also be drawn to work in cosmetology where you can engage people while using your creativity to enhance others’ beauty. Work involving art, design and decorating will also likely appeal to you. You are a perfectionist and your attention to detail is a big part of your work.

You are conscious of the needs of others and show compassion for those around you. You treat everyone you encounter with kindness and diplomacy.

Natal Venus in House 7

Natal Venus in your seventh house adds extra benevolence to your love life. Venus is the ruler of the seventh house and as such you have added attraction power. You are perceived as loving, caring and beautiful.

You thrive in partnership and want to create harmony and connection with others. You love to bring beauty to the lives of those you care about. Comfort is important to you and you can see indulging in luxuries as a way of enhancing your standard of life and nurturing those you love.

You may get carried away with pleasure seeking and overindulge if you aren’t careful, attracting partners who may enable you. You may also hold back on asserting your needs because you don’t want to upset others. Diplomacy is one of your strengths though you may become passive and fall into patterns of people pleasing if you are not careful.

You may feel unsteady when not in partnership even if in non-romantic relationships. You are creative, sensitive and gifted yet you may see your worth more clearly when your skills are reflected back to you through someone else’s eyes.

Natal Venus in House 8

Natal Venus in your eighth house gives emphasis to sexuality and power in your relationships. You are highly attractive to others. You tend to attract partners who are influential and can help you ascend to positions of status. You are also likely to benefit financially as the result of a marriage, divorce, inheritance or partnership.

You can be intense and obsessive in relationships. If not careful you may become jealous easily.

You are also likely to attract individuals who are dark, mysterious and edgy in some way. Relationships are a vehicle for personal transformation for you.

You are charismatic and charming and you can be an influential business partner. You help others enhance their financial standing and are personally benefitted by their success as well.

Natal Venus in House 9

Natal Venus in your ninth house of higher wisdom and spirituality gives you the ability to connect emotionally with people from all walks of life. You are a compassionate humanitarian. You may channel your interests in justice and philanthropy to pursue causes that uplift oppressed people.

You seek pleasure and can be generous and even excessive at times. Your desire for pleasure, sensuality and luxury can lead you to make careless financial decisions. Experience is more important to you than material objects overall. You would rather indulge in pampering yourself and others or traveling the world in style than spend money on tangible things. If you do amass a collection of things it is likely to be a large library of books on your favorite topics and souvenirs from various cultures.

You are likely to be attracted to people who are spiritual, progressive or who are from different cultures or backgrounds.

You are compassionate and can evaluate numerous areas of an issue before drawing a fair conclusion. You are also diplomatic in relationships. You may sense the spiritual connection with important people in your life and are likely to be aware of Karma and Soul Contracts between yourself and others.

You may be drawn to work as an advocate, healer, judge or mediator. Couples counseling or spiritual mentoring will also appeal to you.

Natal Venus in House 10

Natal Venus in your tenth house places emphasis on relationships that are related to advancing your career and public image. Networking and relationships are your keys to career success. You easily rise to public recognition through your social circle and relationships.

Your diplomacy and compassion are part of your brand in business and you may succeed in a career that is related to the arts, relationships or the beauty industry. Relationship mentoring or counseling, marriage therapy or cosmetology will all appeal to you. You may also seek out work as a mediator as you love to create harmony and help others solve conflicts.

Visual arts and decorating would also be promising career paths for you. Even when you rise to positions of power in career you maintain empathy for those you work with. You are genuine and relatable and your charm helps you negotiate contracts and create abundance through your chosen work.

Your personal appeal and attractiveness can also benefit you in careers in which you are the public face of a company, brand or product. You may succeed in careers which are image oriented such as acting, dance or modeling as well.

Natal Venus in House 11

Peacekeeper meets Rebel thanks to your Natal Venus placement in the eleventh house. You are unique and at times unorthodox in your approach to relationships. You may be attracted to people who also stand out as unusual in some way.

You are attractive, charming and endearing. For this reason others are receptive to your renegade tendencies. You can get away with breaking the rules and shocking others. You may alter your physical appearance creating a unique or eccentric style. You may shock others through the way you wear your hair or dress yet people can’t help being drawn to you.

You are generous and kind hearted. You prefer to focus your energy on group endeavors and social gatherings as compared to small intimate encounters. This is because as much as you love others and want to help improve society, you also value your independence.

You may serve on committees that seek social justice or progressive change. You may also appear fickle in your relationships. Your erratic attraction energy can lead you to fall head over heals in love with one person one minute and strike off on your own the next minute.

You love surprises and also want to keep people guessing. You can be playful and romantic but also casual and at times careless in relationships.

Natal Venus in House 12

Natal Venus in your twelfth house gives emphasis to relationships with a spiritual mystical focus. You take relationships seriously and from a young age will seek deep connections to others.

You are sensitive to others’ energies and your empathy can cause you to retreat into illusions or addictions if you are not careful.

You tend to lose yourself in relationships, wanting to become completely submerged in your loved one’s energy. You may become attracted to codependent relationships, convincing yourself that the chaos is justified because you have met your ‘soul mate.’

With maturity you will come to realize the difference between deep spiritual connections and relationship addiction. Boundaries are needed so that you don’t absorb your partner’s energy and lose your own identity in relationships.

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