Natal Uranus in the 12 Astrological Houses

Uranus.jpg How do you express your rebellious energy and act as a catalyst for change?

Uranus in House 1

Natal Uranus in your first house gives you a strikingly unique appearance. You wear your individuality on your sleeve, sometimes literally. Your outward appearance is eccentric and purely your own. You speak and act in ways that others find shocking. You don’t mind this because you see it as your mission to challenge people.

Making others uncomfortable is one sign to you that you have been successful with your mission of being a catalyst for change.

You are a humanitarian, highly sensitive to the needed change in society yet often your desire to be the change and intensity of your passion for exposing the truth can alienate you from others.

Uranus in House 2

Natal Uranus in your second house gives you a rebellious view when it comes to finances. You are a progressive thinker who sees money for what it is, a means to an end. You are detached from the emotional security some may seek from money and would rather help overthrow the capitalist system than hoard wealth for yourself.

Your intuition and intelligence work together to keep you ahead of the curve. You may have invested early in tech, Bitcoin or other unorthodox means of currency. At the same time you may also become an excellent “angel investor” because you can sense what up and coming businesses will thrive. Your interests in investing are only partially based on financial gain. You genuinely want to see businesses you believe in thrive.

Terms like “socially responsible investing” or “eco-business” are redundant to you. You can’t see any reason someone would invest in something that wasn’t socially responsible. You are good at putting your money where your conscience is and may help inspire others to do the same.

Lucky breaks and erratic windfalls can add to your financial bottom line though you are as likely to reinvest money in whatever the next up and coming trend is than you are to hold on to it for a rainy day.

Uranus in House 3

Natal Uranus in your third house gives you the ability to turn in to higher wisdom channeled through your sharp intellect. You are a rebellious thinker. You shake people out of their comfort zones by speaking exactly what comes to your mind when the thought first arises.

Some would call you impulsive or blunt. The reality is you are straightforward and have no tolerance for artifice. You are likely to both enlighten others and alienate yourself with the intensity of your revelations.

You may channel brilliant insights through your writing.

Your intelligence operates on both an intellectual and intuitive level and this sometimes makes it hard for others to understand you. As time goes on others will recognize that seemingly unlikely proclamations you made have in fact been proven credible.

You excel in technological fields and have a natural understanding of engineering and sciences as well as esoteric studies like metaphysics.

You are a catalyst for changing people’s minds by presenting others with unusual ways to view the world.

Uranus in House 4

Natal Uranus in your fourth house gives you a revolutionary view of family and homelife. You may have grown up in an unorthodox family where views were progressive if unusual. Shocking and unexpected changes can keep your sense of family fluctuating throughout your life. You may also radically break away from your family or culture of your upbringing in pursuit of independent truth and other connections.

Your approach to family is detached and intellectual. On the one hand you may have radically different views about things like discipline and education opting to treat children as small adults rather than presuming they need things watered down. On the other hand your emotional connection to family may be misaligned as you prefer to avoid emotions altogether.

Your family and home life are modeled after your ideals and values. You may undertake strict measures to lower your carbon footprint making ecological conservation a family effort and part of your lifestyle. You may also choose to reside in a setting that is unorthodox and rebellious such as an experimental housing situation or commune.

Uranus in House 5

Natal Uranus in your fifth house gives you high energy that is both intellectual, witty, unusual and playful. You love to learn through playful activities. Life is a game and you enjoy intellectual challenges in the forms of competition and recreation.

You like to break the rules and challenge conventions and may shock others through your choice of recreational activities. You may take a liking to obscure sports that are not commonly played in your culture or try to break gender barriers by being the first female on your school’s football team.

You aren’t afraid to take risks and venture outside of your comfort zone. You bring eccentric at times shocking energy into your group of friends by expressing your creative energy in unusual ways. You may be drawn to avant garde art or risqué performance art that makes a political or social statement while breaking social rules.

You are likely to pursue activism as a recreational activity as much as a part of your personal mission. Hobbies and interests may also be intertwined with social justice issues and you are likely to be involved with social groups that also operate for an important cause.

Uranus in House 6

Natal Uranus in your sixth house brings the energy of rebellion and sweeping changes into your daily life. Even in your mundane life you can’t help being a rebel. You are a catalyst for change. Your mundane conversations and routines leave an unmistakable impact on those you meet.

You are likely to question authority when it comes to regular matters of work and routines. You aren’t satisfied with justifying the status quo and will act in ways others perceive as erratic or even irrational. What others overlook is that you are actually being completely logical. You simply refuse to play the game.

You are straightforward and may appear critical to others. It is because you have no tolerance for tiptoeing around a subject so as not to offend others. You don’t mind being shocking and offensive. Your biggest concern though is getting your point across whether you burn bridges in the process or not.

Uranus in House 7

You are a rebel when it comes to relationships. Thanks to Natal Uranus in your seventh house you are independent and prefer to connect with others to stimulate your mind, but not out of an emotional sense of connection.

You don’t like to be confined by a partnership that is too stifling. You prefer instead to remain independent and true to yourself even when in a committed relationship. You need independence and room to move. Your romantic preferences and lifestyle in relationship to others can be unconventional. Even when you care deeply about a partner which is something you don’t do lightly, you will strike out on your own if the relationship appears to confine you in any way.

Your radical mission is of utmost importance to you and a potential partner needs to simply accept this as a fact of life and not try to corral you.

You are likely to attract a partner who is also an unconventional thinker and exotic and intriguing in some way.

Uranus in House 8

Natal Uranus in your eighth house gives you an independent and rebellious streak when it comes to initiating widespread and profound transformation.

Your unorthodox nature disrupts the apple cart for those you encounter and they will never be able to see the world in the same way again. Though your messages may not always be appreciated they will have their profound effect. You challenge people’s ideas about power, sexuality and obligation toward shared financial responsibility.

You may embrace social movements to deconstruct current taxation systems. You may also be part of movements to change attitudes toward sexuality and sexual orientation.

Unexpected windfalls can leave you financially fortunate. You may win an award, receive a settlement or inheritance or gain financially as a result of a shared business endeavor or investment.

Uranus in House 9

Natal Uranus in your ninth house brings unique and rebellious attitudes toward humanity, philosophy, law and justice. You seek truth yet follow an unorthodox path to progress. You may be ahead of your time yet your vision is both intuitive and rational, just not in a way the world is ready to embrace without some friction.

Your spiritual views may be shocking to others. You are also likely to delve into the study of unusual or taboo spiritual topics.

You are attracted to cultures and civilizations different from your own and may be drawn to conspiracy theories or the study of aliens and other dimensions.

You channel your energy as a catalyst for change in helping to knock down walls and transcend limitations. Your vision is idealistic yet you may bring about abrupt sweeping changes in others’ lives that can feel like a roller coaster.

Uranus in House 10

Natal Uranus in your tenth house brings energy of rebellion and individualism to your career path and public image. In business part of your brand is the maverick. Your reputation for being a catalyst for change and a progressive thinker will help you succeed even if at first it seems like you are swimming up stream.

Your efforts to break the rules and create a name for yourself can backfire at times as your antics can be alienating but you know there is no such thing as bad publicity and your agenda is more important than your reputation anyway.

You may abruptly change careers numerous times. Your path to success will involve excitement and progressive ideas and will be anything but ordinary. You may get to experience different worlds as a result of your career either through travel or connection with different groups of people and communities.

You have a talent for creating breakthroughs and may work in the arts, marketing, science, technology or other fields that help change people’s beliefs.

Uranus in House 11

Natal Uranus in your eleventh house gives emphasis to rebellious energy in your social network and community activities. You thrive in social settings and love to be part of campaigns for progressive change.

You are outgoing especially when working toward a cause. You like to serve on committees and participate in group actions. You are motivated to be a catalyst for change and social progress. You love the idea of humanity but can struggle with intimate relationships as you are married first and foremost to your mission.

Your group of friends is diverse and vast. Inclusivity is important to you. Even among progressive friends your views may be radically different and others may consider you zealous or extreme.

Uranus in House 12

You break down barriers between the material and spiritual worlds and act as a rebel in the realm of spirituality. Natal Uranus in your twelfth house makes you attracted to unusual and groundbreaking spiritual practices. You may undergo surprise personal changes brought on by crises or illness. Your healing process serves as a catalyst for your own profound changes which you then transfer to your work in society at large.

You are intensely creative. Your potential for sensitivity is often suppressed by your astute intellectual gifts.

You may experience mystical awakenings that relate to personal transformations throughout your life.

At times you may confuse your escapism and fantasy for intuition and mission. Consequences of failing to balance material and mystical realms can be serious for you but will always bring you back to center so you can reflect and learn from your mistakes.

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