Natal Neptune in the 12 Astrological Houses

Neptune.jpg How do you express your empathic, creative side?

Neptune in House 1

Natal Neptune in the first house gives an outward appearance of creativity and a dreamy nature. You follow your intuition completely. Others see you as compassionate and creative. Even though it is clear right away that you are not like anyone else there is an irresistible charm that you embody.

You may physically appear as if you are walking through a dream world.

You wear your heart on your sleeve and easily express your empathic nature. As a result you may also absorb the energy of others without realizing it and assume their emotions and experiences are your own.

Neptune in House 2

You are intuitively led to pursuing security and abundance. You take a nontraditional approach to finances often going on gut feeling and emotion rather than logic and analysis. This is because of Natal Neptune placement in your second house.

You value empathy, creativity and imagination and will invest in ways that reflect this. You aren’t interested in status or materialism. You value art and music and may invest your money and time on supporting your favorite artists and creative people. You are also likely to follow your own heart when it comes to developing your creative and artistic talents and may invest in tools of the trade to promote your growth as a musician or artist.

You also channel your money into further delving into your spiritual path. You prefer to align your investments and resources with things that engage your imagination and activate your interest in other realms and metaphysics. You may have a sizable collection of crystals and oracle cards for example.

You may feel more secure when retreating into your inner world than dealing with practical matters in the mundane world.

Neptune in House 3

Natal Neptune in the third house helps you express your creativity and empathy through intellect. You easily balance deep emotional currents with logic and analysis. You articulate your emotions and may have a gift for helping others express their inner worlds through poetry and writing.

You may teach art or music as you connect with the worlds of creativity and academics. Your compassionate side is easily expressed. Although you are highly empathic you are also comfortable in social situations and thrive off the energy of others in social situations.

Your writing and communication style can be lyrical and inspired by spiritual ideas which may be overwhelming for those who aren’t as abstract as you. Nevertheless you attract those who appreciate and understand your unique view.

Neptune in House 4

You are influenced by a love of the past, home and family. Natal Neptune in your fourth house amplifies your sense of nostalgia. You get caught up in dreamy reminiscence of the ‘good old days’ even if the good old days weren’t quite as you recall them.

You dream of a perfect home and family and will project this image of perfection onto your loved ones whether it is accurate or not. In fact your creativity can translate into self deception if you aren’t careful.

You express your compassion in your home life. You may be intuitively tied to your family and friends and sense any issues with your loved ones psychically.

Mood and atmosphere are important to you. You will try to make your home a place of sanctuary by setting up comfortable surroundings, works of art and tokens of your favorite stories, plays, films or works of art.

Your home is also a place of spiritual development. You express your emotional intuitive side through practicing visualization and rituals that help you attract the energy you want. If you aren’t careful you may create ways to escape from dealing with your problems by shutting yourself in at home or over focusing on your family instead of taking care of yourself.

Addiction and alcoholism may also be influential issues in your family upbringing requiring you to develop ongoing healing as you grow and mature.

Neptune in House 5

With Natal Neptune in your fifth house, it is all fun and games when it comes to your creativity and compassionate nature. You are empathic and sensitive but you don’t get bogged down by the practical drudgery of relationships and friendships.

Life is an amusement park and you don’t want to get off the rides even when reality has to set in. You may be swept away by romantic affairs and create a fantasy world where everything is what you want it to be. Even though it isn’t.

You are likely to seek creative outlets for your emotional energy such as performing arts or visual arts. You may even take risks outside your comfort zone to develop as an artist. Your spiritual connection is deepened as a result of lighthearted playful energy rather than a somber serious attitude.

Since you feel others’ emotions so easily you prefer to avoid all unpleasant issues and feelings altogether which is not usually realistic.

You are also susceptible to overindulging in pleasure seeking and escaping into addictive patterns in order to help you avoid dealing with serious business.

Neptune in House 6

Natal Neptune in your sixth house gives creative and intuitive energy to your daily routines. Nothing is truly mundane to you and you are able to find meaning and guidance in everyday omens and symbols. You are likely to have an intuitive connection to the natural world and to animals as well.

A strong sense of service motivates you. You may feel propelled to assist others in practical ways fueled by your spiritual beliefs. Your compassion allows you to make deep connections with those you meet in the course of your daily routines. You may have just met someone but will empathize with them on a deep level.

You are highly sensitive and may experience allergic reactions and digestive issues as a result of stress or taking on others’ energies. Health issues may also be related to spiritual or life lessons you are resisting. Be mindful of avoidance as it will lead you to somatization of energy blocks creating disease in your system.

Neptune in House 7

Significant spiritual lessons and areas for healing and growth manifest through partnerships and relationships thanks to Natal Neptune in your seventh house. You are deeply in tune with others and prefer to completely immerse yourself in the energy of your partner.

You may also be encouraged to come out of your shell and express your creative talents as a result of supportive partnerships. You can be a healing presence for others yet must be careful not to enable toxic partners out of empathy and a feeling of obligation.

You are intuitively connected to those you love and easily attract partners in need of a sensitive and compassionate nurturer to support their healing.

If you aren’t careful you may project illusions onto your partners and become disappointed when the reality of the situation is revealed. You are also likely to seek escape through relationships. At times you may imagine a deep loving connection to exist when it really does not.

Neptune in House 8

Natal Neptune in your eighth house helps you channel your spiritual connection and intuitive energy into initiating deep personal transformation. Your creativity and intuition are significant sources of power for you. Empathy helps you attract others who share your need for healing. As a result of these connections you may also benefit financially though that is not typically your motivation.

Inheritances, business partnerships or settlements can bring financial gain though you are also likely to get carried away imagining shared resources are more lucrative than what they truly are.

Avoiding mundane responsibilities can have significant financial and legal consequences if you deceive yourself into thinking you can avoid dealing with matters such as taxes.

You easily attract others who are drawn to your creative talents and beauty. Your compassionate nature also attracts others to you. You may have to learn to be comfortable with your own personal power in order to set boundaries that promote your well being in relationships especially when sexuality or finances are concerned.

Neptune in House 9

Natal Neptune in your ninth house helps you transcend all boundaries. As a spiritual seeker you are always looking for connections to those around you. You see the patterns that connect synchronicities with reality and Spirit with the material world.

You are also inclined to sense your emotional connection to others in a highly empathic way. As a result you are motivated to be an advocate for social progress and healing. You channel your personal feelings into trying to create understanding and fairness on a grand scale.

You may feel psychically connected to foreign lands and different cultures. Your exploration of these cultures may lead you to embrace various spiritual and religious practices.

Travel appeals to you and before you get to physically visit a place you may feel like you have visited on the astral level.

Neptune in House 10

Natal Neptune in your tenth house emphasizes career and public recognition related to your sense of empathy and creativity. Careers as a professional Intuitive, artist, musician or healer are all likely. You are driven by compassion and a world view of connection and inclusivity.

You may be more of a dreamer than pragmatist yet you find ways to rise to influence and authority, facilitating healing and understanding for those you encounter.

Even as a leader you don’t like to dominate. You prefer to be a facilitator of change and understanding rather than a director. You can express your compassion and spiritual views and your artistic talents in a way that moves others yet you prefer to not take an authoritative approach.

Neptune in House 11

You love to lose yourself in the crowd thanks to Natal Neptune in your eleventh house. You can get carried away by group mentality because you would rather submerge yourself with your friends and peers than stand alone as an individual.

You are good natured and empathic and can sense the feelings and needs of those around you.

You may become overwhelmed by others’ emotions at times. Creative outlets involving groupwork or creative efforts that benefit charities or promote social change are positive ways for you to focus your energy.

Your vision can be so unique that others don’t always understand you yet you attract others because of your warm, gentle nature.

Neptune in House 12

Natal Neptune is in his place of rulership in your twelfth house. You are likely to express your creative imaginative side as a response to deep healing. Painful experiences or being in a role of martyrdom may bring valuable Karmic lessons and also helps you transcend your base desires and reconnect with your spirituality. This aspect of your path fuels your creative expression as well.

You have a rich inner life and fantasy is just as real as reality to you.

You are highly intuitive but will have to learn discernment between fantasy and gut instinct. You have the capacity to deceive yourself as you prefer to nurture your imagination than address conflicts in reality. Escapism and addiction are potential if you aren’t careful to balance practical and emotional needs.

You may also be susceptible to addictive behaviors as you find your way back to connecting with Source.

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