Natal North Node in the 12 Astrological Houses

N. Node.png What is your key to fulfilling your destiny?

North Node in House 1

Your outward personality and character are aligned for you to reach your destiny. You will find that everything you need to break past Karmic patterns and expand your awareness is at your finger tips. At the same time you may initially resist breaking out of your comfort zone and focusing on developing your own path.

You easily attract partners and can become distracted by partnerships. You may prefer to lean on those around you and will have to learn through personal growth and evolution, to be independent.

Ironically, those who meet you would never think you would have any doubts about your destiny and path. You are already walking toward it even if you aren’t conscious of it.

North Node in House 2

Your natal North Node in the second house results in a fundamental discomfort with managing your own finances. You may start out life feeling financially insecure or doubting your ability to provide for yourself. You may be accustomed to your financial needs being met by significant others.

You may easily attract people who are willing to provide security for you yet in doing so they are unintentionally prohibiting your growth. Part of your purpose is to create your own security and become clear about what you value.

Taking responsibility for your resources and finances will help you unlock the path to your larger purpose. This is not to say you are destined to amass great riches. This may or may not be the case. Yet it is your relationship to resources and responsibility for your own security which are the larger issues.

North Node in House 3

Your Natal North Node in the third house places emphasis on experiencing growth and change as a result of changing your mindset and changing the way you think and communicate. It is easier for you to relate to others on an abstract or philosophical level.

You are independent and optimistic and love to explore new topics and learn about different cultures and scientific and religious beliefs. Anything that expands your mind elevates and uplifts you.

Although you are highly intelligent, it can be difficult for you to communicate and express your ideas on the mundane level.

One of the keys to fulfilling your mission in this lifetime is to tap into your role as messenger and diplomat though it won’t initially come easy to you. You may be hindered by a learning disability or speech issue that causes you to doubt your abilities in this area early in your life.

As you work to address insecurities or challenges to speaking your mind and digesting new information that can change your belief system and mindset, you will be better prepared to reach your destiny.

North Node in House 4

It is easy for you to define yourself by your career and public image when your Natal North Node is in your fourth house. You may easily climb the career ladder yet not feel fulfilled with this path. This is because your North Node placement requires you to direct your energy to family and home life in order to grow and fulfill your mission.

You may not feel as comfortable settling into family life. You may doubt your abilities as a parent or feel alienated from your family. Obstacles and fears need to be dealt with. Avoiding this part of your life will only lead to stagnation and restlessness because you will feel that something is missing in spite of successes elsewhere.

Karmic issues with family members can serve to help you resolve old wounds though the process may be difficult.

North Node in House 5

Your natal North Node in the fifth house means that part of your path in this lifetime requires you to embrace your creative talents and learn to enjoy life. You may be highly conscientious and feel driven to serve others, seeing your primary role as responsible for helping to change society.

What you need to learn through this incarnation is to also take time to smell the roses. Lessons involving the value of seeking joy and pleasure in life will be instrumental to accomplishing your destiny.

Your connection to children will help teach you this lesson as part of what you are learning is to embrace their enthusiasm and innocence.

You may take relationships seriously but will have opportunities to enjoy friendships and even flirtations and romantic relationships without placing emphasis on commitment. During this lifetime you will discover who you are by experimenting with various hobbies and interests. You will discover what brings you joy and helps you express your creative energy.

North Node in House 6

Responsibility and attention to detail are emphasized with your natal North Node in the sixth house. Emphasis is placed on daily routines and your need for structure and orderliness. It is not in your primary nature to embrace your methodical, analytical nature.

Instead you prefer the abstract and intuitive. You may find it hard to be meticulous yet you will have opportunities to learn to focus on the small details in order to succeed.

Your path to fulfilling your purpose is also related to fine tuning your analytical skills and attention to detail. You are likely to find your path to fulfilling your mission related to volunteer work, public service or work in healthcare or other service roles.

These roles may be separate from your main career but nevertheless prove significant. You may also come to these opportunities to be of service later in life or as a second career.

North Node in House 7

Developing empathy and connection to others is part of your mission in this life time. Natal North Node in your seventh house gives emphasis to Karmic lessons arising from partnerships and relationships.

You may learn to mature in your understanding of relationships. You may also be challenged to take greater measures to empathize with others or compromise rather than focusing only on your individual needs.

You may also have to learn important lessons regarding sharing responsibility and delegating tasks to others. It may be easier for you to try to do it all yourself. Trusting others may be a challenge. Nevertheless you will continually experience lessons in the importance of sharing and collaborating which also means sharing responsibilities to maintain relationships.

North Node in House 8

Your natal North Node in the eighth house gives emphasis to learning to embrace your personal power. It is easier for you to measure your worth and success by external standards especially financial standards. It is not easy for you to embrace your sense of authority without looking to material wealth as a measure of power.

Your key to fulfilling your destiny in this lifetime involves learning to embrace your magnetic power and charisma for positive growth and transformation. You may also experience these lessons as a result of having to learn to receive financial support from others.

While you are learning to work with your personal power you may be tempted to misuse your energy through manipulations and other tactics which masquerade as power but are really about dominating and controlling others. Learning the difference between confidence and authority and insecure manipulation is one of your lessons in this life.

North Node in House 9

Natal North Node in your ninth house gives emphasis to lessons that help you broaden your awareness and tolerance to new ideas and other cultures. You will have opportunities to advance your wisdom and learning but will have to challenge yourself to think beyond the messages you learned growing up.

Your destiny is linked to embracing a more philosophical mindset. Humanitarian efforts and a cultivated appreciation for science and law will help you serve your highest purpose.

In order to do this you must shift from focusing on collecting information and busying your mind with trivia to actually awakening your higher wisdom and focusing on the larger path.

You may need to develop your confidence and optimism along this path as well.

North Node in House 10

Your natal North Node in the tenth house places emphasis on developing your career and public image. You will initially prefer nurturing your home and family life as this is where you feel at your best. It is a stretch outside of your comfort zone to step up to the plate and embrace your true calling.

Your path to fulfilling your destiny involves accepting a more public life than you would normally prefer.

You may be in the spotlight as a leader, celebrity or politician. You will have to learn to accept responsibility for your role in career as you will be in a position of power. You aren’t initially comfortable with the scrutiny or obligations that accompany your career path but on some level you know you are following your calling.

North Node in House 11

Natal North Node in your eleventh house gives emphasis to embracing your place in groups and social movements. You may try to avoid being a part of social change movements. Instead you may try to focus only on pursuing your own pleasure and interests.

Although you may try to avoid it, circumstances will repeatedly arise challenging you to take your place as part of a group campaign or movement. Your key to fulfilling your destiny involves cooperation with group efforts and becoming conscious of issues of social responsibility.

Your unique strengths and desire to be a trailblazer may not fully develop until later in life. When you try to suppress your creative, free thinking side you will repeatedly feel frustrated. Your energy and urges may intensify only to erupt in erratic ways.

Part of your path involves learning to moderate your intense energy and intellectual gifts, embracing your unique vision but also collaborating as part of the community.

North Node in House 12

Your natal North Node in the twelfth house calls you to spiritual awakenings in this lifetime. You prefer the practical and methodical world of analysis and objectivity yet you will continually be compelled to evolve beyond concrete thinking and embrace your intuition.

You are also challenged to experience deep transformation through spiritual healing.

When this need is denied you will distract yourself with busy work and may become anxious and preoccupied with other people’s business. Instead of awakening to your higher purpose and spiritual connection you may develop anxiety related health issues or digestive or food allergies.

Your path to fulfilling your destiny involves learning to see beyond mundane concerns and connecting to your higher wisdom. You are also being challenged to grasp the interconnectedness of all life and dissolve the illusion of boundaries and limitations.

You may develop this awareness through mystical practices or through developing your artistic and musical talents.

Irresponsible pursuit of this transcendence can lead you down a distracting path of escapism and addiction.

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