What does the Moon as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

1-0plan.jpg The Moon is associated with feminine energy. As a marker of cycles and the flow of tides, she is associated with changing moods.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, the Mother of the zodiac. Whether born under the sign of the crab or not, archetypal Cancer traits will be prominent in a Moon dominant person.

The Moon reflects light from the Sun. Likewise, the Lunarian has a gift for mirroring the energy of others, revealing what is hidden from view. Usually this is done in a gentle, nurturing way. Moon dominant people are in tune with the emotions of others. Intuitive and caring, they pick up on the undercurrents beneath the surface.

If overwhelmed by the emotional states of others, they may retreat or become moody. This surge in emotional energy can make them appear unstable at times, and loved ones need to find ways to enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

Innate nurturers, Lunarians bring a motherly quality to all relationships, regardless of gender or other factors. They will bring cake to the office to celebrate a coworker’s birthday and take phone calls at three in the morning when others need a listening ear. They seek security and try to provide this for others, be it through reassuring gestures, emotional or financial support.

One of their biggest relationship challenges, in fact, is to keep this maternal energy balanced. They may unintentionally infantilize others. It is also essential that Lunarians have private time and space to process their own emotional tides.

When their energy is imbalanced, the Shadow side of the mother emerges. Control is mistaken for nurturing. They can also be prone to martyr dynamics. Also, Moon dominant people must differentiate between their feelings and their objective reality. They hold on to memories of kindness or injury (real or imagined) in equal measure.

Lunarians’ moods change, but their loyalty doesn’t. When a break up occurs, they need help establishing clear boundaries. They tend to hold on for dear life. With growth and maturity, they can form life long bonds that span the changing roles of lover to friend.

Moon dominant people have magnetic charm, like the effects of the Moon on the tides. Their emotional repertoire can cause them to go from subtle to intense and back again. They tend to be affectionate and romantic.

Communication challenges arise when Lunarians struggle to articulate their range of emotions, or when others speak in rational terms rather than feelings, or both. It is best to acknowledge their feelings but also point out objective reality. They often mistake disagreement for rejection, criticism for personal insult.

Nurturing is important to Moon dominant people and their sexuality is expressed in nurturing ways. They will need to feel secure in their relationships before proceeding to greater degrees of intimacy. Their emotional nature is also a barometer for their sexuality. Creating a mood is important.

Moon dominant people will not suddenly become sexually aroused in the midst of dealing with stress, anger or fear. Creating an atmosphere with low lights, romantic music, and any other sensual cues which create feelings of security are important. Most importantly perhaps is the desire to nurture their partner and feel an emotional connection. Lunarians are not likely to seek out sexual relationships in the absence of romantic and emotional connection.

Relationships teach Moon dominant people to nurture without smothering, and how to honor their own emotional experiences without counting on others for validation. Those in relationships with Lunarians need to accept and appreciate their wide range of emotional experiences. The reward is unconditional love, affection and nurturing.

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