What does Mercury as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

2-0plan.jpg Mercury is named for the Messenger of the Gods. Those with dominant placement of the planet Mercury in the natal chart embody the archetypal energy of the Messenger. Often diplomatic, intelligent, articulate and curious, they absorb information like a sponge and are always on the search for mental stimulation.

Mercurians, or Mercury dominant people, can appear restless and fickle at first glance. Understand they are not heartless, but rather they crave connection on the intellectual and mental level. Let Moon dominant people get bogged down with that emotional stuff, they will tell you, theirs is an attraction stemming from the mind.

As such they grow bored easily. If a relationship does not provide new knowledge and trigger their curious nature, they will seek this stimulation elsewhere.

Even in devoted partnerships, Mercury dominant people need variety. They are at home holding ten conversations at once on social media while reading a book and learning a new language. The way to a Mercurian’s heart is through their mind. They are drawn to people who are diverse, interesting and as mentally flexible as they are.

They aren’t comfortable relating emotionally. However, conversation is more than a chance to get to know another person, it is an exercise in mental gymnastics. They want to expand and feed their minds while being uplifted by the energy of social situations.

Mercury rules the sign Gemini, the twins. As such, the Mercury dominated people can seem like a bundle of contradictions. Their loved ones may wonder which aspect of their Mercurian significant other they will encounter one conversation to the next. Don’t hold it against them.

They are not being hypocrites, they simply can stretch their minds enough to consider seemingly contradictory views. One of the gifts Mercurians bring to others in relationships is this flexibility in thinking.

They also love conversation. If you want a partner who gives you their undivided attention and spends an entire party tuning out everyone else and staring lovingly into your eyes, taking in your every word….you don’t want a Mercurian.

They need space to mingle. To share trivia and discuss their many collections. A romantic night at home is torture to a Mercurian. Opt instead for a day trip to a museum or a class.

Seducing a Mercury dominated person involves intimacy on a mental level before one can expect intimacy on a physical level. Pillow talk is popular with Mercurians who are skilled communicators and are highly sensitive to the power of words and language. Sexual arousal begins in the mind for Mercurians and setting the tone for intimacy involves conversation and verbal cues.

Playful and curious by nature, Mercurians are also likely to enjoy sexual games or changes of scenery and may be receptive to atmosphere as part of the sexual experience. The messenger of the zodiac is always on the road and is likely to be receptive to romance in cars or other unusual travel friendly locations.

Mercury dominated people do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. In fact, they want very little to do with feelings. As a result they may seem detached. Also they may acquiesce to the requests of others with no real desire to follow through. When this happens they are trying to please others to keep things light and friendly.

They may be able to speak six different languages, but emotional language is seldom one of them. They must learn assertiveness and boundaries. They also need to be mindful of the allure of trickster energy. Their intellectual gifts, when channeled aggressively, can lead them to act in deceptive or critical ways.

Friendships are important to Mercury dominated people. They may act as if their romantic partner is just another friend, causing frustration to the partner who is expecting special designation.

Give Mercury dominant people space to socialize. Give them room to change their minds, pursue their interests and embrace opposing viewpoints. In return they will give you an unending source of friendship, intellectual stimulation, and cheerful energy.

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