What does Venus as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

3-0plan.jpg The Venus dominant person, also known as a Venusian, embodies the energy of the Goddess of love. Venus also rules beauty, harmony, peace and artistic expression.

The Venus dominant person is attractive to others both physically and energetically. Their charm radiates to those around them, yet they are seldom dominating or over the top. Instead their energy is charming in subtle, sometimes even traditional ways.

The Venus dominant person is highly empathic. They are concerned with comforting those around them, making sure the physical senses are satisfied. Their senses are refined and so they will want to share only the best food, music, art and various physical comforts with others. They will not, for example, entertain at home if things are in disarray or out of balance. They also will not tolerate disorder in their surroundings.

The Venus dominant person will find gentle ways to address any discomfort or disorganization in their significant others, attempting to beautify their surroundings and enhance comfort without criticizing directly.

Venusians desire pleasure, harmony and balance. They may be attracted to those with a slight edge, yet they aren’t fond of drama or extremism. They are compassionate and caring and love being in love. At times their desire for an ideal romance doesn’t align with the messy realities of relationships.

Venus dominant people are great at uplifting others, making everyone around them feel like a million dollars. However when it comes to resolving differences and conflicts, Venus dominant people may resort to passively ignoring issues, hiding in pleasure seeking, or distancing themselves altogether, going off in search of peace and harmony rather than repairing damaged connections or building a stronger foundation.

Traditional romantics, Venus dominant people enjoy the process of courting, getting to know others and connecting with those around them on a compassionate, heart based level. They are typically unconditionally loving and reserve judgment and criticism, avoiding negativity in any form. Ideal dates range from the traditional candle light dinner, to romance movies, trips to the museum, art galleries or concerts, theater or an evening of ballroom dancing.

Sexual relationships are all about pleasure for Venus dominant people and while they can be generous and giving, they also expect to be adored and worshipped as the God/dess of love that they are. Seduction doesn’t begin in the bedroom, it begins by setting the mood with dinner, drinks, music, art, atmosphere and intelligent conversation. Sex is not just a physical act, but a harmonizing of the senses.

When out of balance, Venus dominant people can become manipulative, needy or vain. Looking to others for personal validation can lead them into codependent relationships. They may become too immersed in pleasure seeking and not allow deeper emotional connection to form in relationships to others.

Understanding their attraction power, they may make a game of seducing others for the attention they gain from being admired. Underestimating their value, they can form obsessive relationships and use sexuality or romance as a pawn to entice others into providing for them or fulfilling emotional needs.

When balanced, their energy is openly loving toward others, and they have a strong capacity for attraction of both relationships and material resources. Venus dominant people understand value and can bring the energy of attraction, security, love and abundance to those whose lives they touch.

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