What does Mars as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

4-0plan.jpg The Mars dominant person embodies the power of the self assured archetypal Warrior. Confident, assertive and straight forward, they pursue what they want and nothing will stand in their way. They are focused and have plenty of energy to pour into achieving their goals.

In love as in everything else, the Mars dominant person sees courtship as conquest. They may become obsessively focused on the person they love. They are also likely to be filled with lust and physical attraction may be even stronger than their emotional connection to others. They are passionate and excitable, bringing zealous enthusiasm to any relationship.

Mars dominant people love to be challenged and in relationships they will be attracted to those who push their buttons. Ironically, passion and anger are intertwined and in small doses, frustration can become arousing to a Mars dominant person.

As much as they love to take the lead they also need a puzzle to solve or a crusade to win. A partner who is too passive becomes boring. A relationship that is too straightforward is not enough of a challenge. They need to flex their muscles and show their strength of will. Ultimately they want to win, but they also want to work to prove themselves in the process. Through the trials and tribulations of relationships, Mars dominant people get to experience their own courage and strength.

A partner who is too combative or who mirrors back their feisty, confident, assertive energy may also repel them. They like to be in charge and will not settle for second place or co-leader positions. Their energy is dynamic and they need excitement.

Mars dominant people also like to be protective over people they care about. If not mindful of how they express their protective instincts, these tendencies can come across as controlling or dominating. They don’t like to be outdone by others, so those with a strong personality will need to learn how to communicate assertively without implying any shortcoming or criticism of their Mars dominant loved one.

It can be difficult for Mars dominant people to empathize with others because they are so keenly focused on their own perspective and views that anything outside of their own experience is hard to fathom. Until they have walked in someone else’s shoes it is hard for them to suspend judgment. This is also a byproduct of their speedy approach to life. They are quick to make decisions and quick to act on them. They are fast to jump to conclusions at times as well.

They simply don’t slow down long enough to consider various angles and viewpoints. It is not efficient to deal with complexities like that. Instead, they’re sense of right and wrong guides them to determine the ‘truth’ which then guides their evaluations and actions. Relationships can be a vehicle for Mars dominant people to integrate their own experiences and views with those of others, though it takes time and maturity for Mars dominant people to see past their own lens.

In sexual relationships, Mars dominant people are passionate lovers who have a great deal of stamina. Athletic by nature they may seek sexual experiences which challenge their physical senses and endurance.

They identify with their physical drives including their sexual drives. Sexuality is a natural part of connecting to others and they aren’t likely to wait long into a romantic relationship before becoming sexually intimate with partners. Both because they need to express their energy physically and because they are not known to wait patiently for things to develop.

While they are good at asserting their own needs and boundaries, Mars dominant people do not readily pick up on the subtle cues of others, so boundaries in relationships especially boundaries around sexuality, consent and physical space, must be made clearly.

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