What does Neptune as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

8-0plan.jpg The Neptune dominant person, or Neptunian person is sensitive, compassionate and romantic. Neptune is a higher octave of Venus, the planet associated with love and relationships. As a result Neptune dominant people are very sensitive and highly attuned to the energies and emotions of others.

Neptunian people have a strong connection to the spiritual realms and are deeply and personally affected by subtle shifts in energy. Empathic and emotionally connected to others, Neptunians can feel an instant attraction to others and then experience the ups and downs of those around them as if the experiences were their own.

Neptunians are romantic and dreamy and live as much in fantasy and ideals as they do in concrete reality. For this reason, Neptune dominant people can construct elaborate fantasies about ideal love which no one can live up to. They can also project their own needs onto prospective mates and partners, building up a guise of perfection which will eventually dissolve, revealing illusions present all through the relationship but carefully ignored.

Just as they can dissolve illusions and uncover hidden truths, Neptune dominant people want to dissolve all boundaries and completely merge with those they care about. As a result they may come across as needy or clingy. They easily lose their own identities in relationships and need to be mindful of this pattern in order to avoid toxic relationships.

Neptune dominant people are adaptable and passive and easily mold their preferences around their environment, including other people. They have acute intuitive senses but are likely to confuse their intuition with wishful thinking. This holds true in romance as well. Neptunians may perceive a special spark of attraction where none exists or may prohibit themselves from truly seeing the intentions of others, opting instead to remain oblivious.

When in love, Neptune dominant people are receptive, charming yet shy. They will seldom make the first move, and will remain in the background observing their crush while concocting a fantasy life with the object of their affection before taking the risk to even approach them for a real conversation. They may try to mask their deep feelings, at times fearing the depths of their own emotional connection to others.

Neptune dominant people will provide space for a partner to explore the depths of their connection, merging identities and transcending boundaries. For them, romance and even sexuality are spiritual as well as physical and emotional experiences. Idealistic by nature, they will see only the best potential in their partner and may genuinely feel surprised when reality does not match the illusion they have created.

In sexual relationships, Neptunians will allow others to set the pace. Their tendencies toward escapism may result in an inclination for substances such as alcohol or drugs to be part of sexual encounters as their goal is to lose their ego identity in the larger experience.

Sensations of love and pleasure may become enmeshed with escapism. Neptune dominant people are susceptible to attraction to people who reveal something of their hidden, addiction related wounds, either through enabling their own escapism or exposing them to the dangers of escapism through their partner’s addictions.

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