What does Pluto as the dominant planet tell about love and relationships?

9-0plan.jpg The Pluto dominant person, or Plutonian, embodies the energy of the archetypal God of the Underworld. This title may sound sinister, and for good reason. The Pluto dominant person is a force to be reckoned with, they represent raw power in its most intense form.

As a result, they have an uncanny sense of depth and are able to pierce through layers of illusion to reveal hidden truths. In relationships, Pluto dominant people radiate a powerfully attractive energy which draws people’s interest. They are intriguing and carry an air of mystery.

Others are drawn in to their personal power. Although associated with strength and truth, Pluto dominant people can become enamored with the elements of control in relationships, especially if they have not yet achieved some level of evolution and self awareness.

In their less evolved state, Plutonians may easily dominate others. They become so fixated on revealing the truth, as they are likely to fixate on most things, so as to miss the importance to balance emotional sensitivity and compassion with their desire to strip away illusions.

With the development of further social graces and self confidence, they do not need to exude power over others or look to relationships as a source of control. Instead they become self possessed, yet have an unmistakeably life changing effect on those around them.

Plutonians can be a powerful presence in a crowd. Without saying much at all, they can charm and disarm those around them while being careful to reveal little about themselves. When unenlightened, they have the potential to be skilled manipulators for this reason.

When they are more self aware, they do not need to go to these extremes. They can harness their own sense of power and facilitate transformation and rebirth for those around them without carelessly tearing down the defenses of others. Pluto dominant people like to explore the very edges of every boundary. As a result they may push just to see how far they can go.

In relationships they can be intense, obsessive and sometimes intimidating to others. It is best to not try to beat a Plutonian person in a battle of wills because you are likely to lose. Unless you are also a Pluto dominant person in which case you could end up creating a cold war within the relationship, neither will back down.

Pluto dominant people don’t necessarily care what they stand to lose. They understand loss as a passageway to transcendence. As a result they will impose their will or dig their heels in and become obstinate, not bending to any authority other than their own.

Don’t give a Pluto dominant person an ultimatum unless you are completely willing to follow through. Don’t test them, because they will go to any lengths to follow their mission whether it requires sacrificing the ones they love or not.

In sexual relationships, Plutonians can be intense, highly seductive and can both become obsessed with and the objects of obsession for, their loved ones. There is an intoxicating effect a Pluto dominant person has on those around them.

Their relationships can be vehicles for transcendence and transformation, or self destructive and sabotaging, depending on how balanced they are and how aware they are of their subconscious drives and patterns. They will, no doubt, become more aware of the subconscious drives and desires of those around them, yet may neglect their own wounds and insecurities, which will surface to lead them into transformation if they allow themselves to be receptive to this process.

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