What does the Moon as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?

    By 12andus

    moon.png Sentimental, romantic and emotional, the Moon dominant person will embody their mood and so their personal style and wardrobe may change with the same cyclical nature as the Moon herself. Above all else, a Lunarian will not dress in clothing which is restrictive or uncomfortable. They are usually able to dress up even in clothing that is flowing, comfortable and adaptable.

    Iridescent colors, silvers, greys, blue and white are colors which suit the Moon dominant person. They may prefer to dress in layers or to accessorize with versatile components which can be reused and changeable such as scarves, sweaters, or multipurpose accessories.

    Shawls and jackets, regardless of temperature and weather, are favored because they can help the Lunarian person shield themselves from the outside world when overwhelmed.

    The Moon dominant person, regardless of weight, often has a round face and soft appearance. They are typically expressive and their face and eyes give away their true feelings. Their energy is disarming and nurturing and both physical appearance and personal style help others feel emotionally connected and soothed.

    Their intuition may lead them to create their own unique style that is ahead of (or behind if in tune with their nostalgic senses) the times. Lunarians are also mindful of budget and practicality and so their wardrobe will need to be versatile, childproof and adaptable to their changing circumstances and moods. They prefer loose fitting clothing and weight may fluctuate frequently due to changing emotions so clothes that can endure their changing bodies are ideal.

    Sensitive and emotional, Moon dominant people may struggle with insecurities related to body image. They may become intolerant to certain foods when stressed or susceptible to eating disorders to try to control their rapidly changing weight. They may express themselves boldly one day but hide beneath their clothes the next.

    Classic, romantic and vintage looks appeal to Lunarians. Their style is likely to incorporate some elements of childhood or family tradition or be reminiscent of a time in the past before they were born.

    Moon dominant people are intuitive and ruled by their emotions. They may shy away from close encounters at first, but once they get to know someone they become affectionate and nurturing. They will set the pace for displays of affection based on their level of security.

    Friends may actually observe a Lunarian close the gap of physical proximity over the course of several encounters as they gradually move in closer with greater familiarity. Moon dominant people may be a wall flower at first but as they get to know others they reveal their nurturing side and initiate hugs, kisses and other displays of affection.

    Security is important to Lunarians, so they prefer to be in control of physical distance and affection. They may retreat back into hiding after having been outgoing for a time, and this is because they need to process their emotions and the energies received from others.

    Even when retreating physically they will typically maintain contact through other forms of communication. They will also expect others to prove their love through physical and verbal connection. Even when a Lunarian knows their status in a relationship they may require ongoing reassurance that things have not changed. This leads to Moon dominant people having the reputation for being clingy.

    They have difficulty tolerating a relationship in which they only hear from the other person on occasion or where days go by with no communication or physical closeness. Long distance relationships are challenging for Lunarians as well.

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