What does Mercury as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?


    mercury.png The embodiment of the lithe messenger, always on the move and filled with excess physical and mental energy, the Mercury dominant person is likely to be slender and exhibit restless energy. Their mind is always moving and physical motion helps them release excess energy.

    They may gesture and speak rapidly. Mercury dominant people tend to have long limbs or may be tall. Communication dominates their world and so they may bring attention to their hands, mouths, or eyes as these are expressive parts of the body. They are likely to be tall and have an airy or ethereal presence.

    They are also likely to communicate through their wardrobe as much as through their speech. Mercurians value diversity. They want a wardrobe that can be as adaptable as their personality. Mercury dominant people love to travel and are frequently on the go so outfits which can easily be dressed up or down without becoming time consuming are ideal.

    They aren’t likely to spend hours on their appearance yet even when their hair is windswept or when they throw accessories or outfits together it somehow works out in the end. Fabrics that wrinkle easily are not a good match for Mercurians who spend a lot of time in the car traveling from place to place or may live out of a suitcase for periods of time.

    They prefer lightweight fabrics that don’t hold them down. Always analyzing their surroundings, it is easier for a Mercury dominant person to dress in layers and shed a jacket or scarf throughout the day than it is for them to choose one outfit over another. As a result they may combine styles, blending patterns or colors in unconventional ways or pile on numerous pieces of jewelry.

    They simply can’t decide easily and rather than waste precious time agonizing over their choices, are likely to decide on both options. Their compulsive versatility may also result in having an extensive wardrobe with a blend of different looks. It is difficult to categorize a specific look because they are by nature changeable.

    Regardless of specific style however they gravitate toward bright, light or bold colors. They need quality shoes as they are always on the go yet they prefer to be stylish and trendy rather than purely practical.

    When it comes to boundaries and physical space, Mercury dominant people can seem contradictory. On the one hand, they are transparent and forthcoming with information and may be accused of being too revealing as they are likely to speak before weighing the possible consequences of over exposing themselves by sharing too much information. Likewise, they expect such open flow of communication from others and may feel hurt when others exercise boundaries in the relationship.

    On the other hand, Mercurians aren’t likely to show all their cards when it comes to their feelings, mostly because they aren’t as connected to emotions as ideas. So while they may tell their life story on the first meeting, they may hold back on expressing how they feel or leave others guessing about their romantic desires or interests.

    They are also social butterflies who casually connect with a number of people, the more the merrier, but who have more difficulty forming deeper bonds with any particular individual. They don’t want to be suffocated in relationships and will be glad to keep their calendar full and mingle with various people or circles. They are typically good at keeping in touch in some fashion even if it is through remote means like text or email.

    If a friend or partner insists on always visiting face to face or abhors text conversations as too casual, a Mercurian is likely to feel overwhelmed by these demands on their time and energy and feel suffocated. They are likely to keep some degree of space in relationships so that they are free to move and have lots of breathing room. If they grow bored with a relationship, that personal space gap will widen.

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