What does Mars as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?

    By 12andus

    mars.png Mars dominant individuals have a strong physique and striking appearance. They’re facial features are often noticeable at first glance. They may have intense, sparkling eyes or other dramatic traits that draws attention to their face.

    Mars dominant people dress to impress and they are typically conscious of their image because they want to stand out as individuals. Strong and willful, recognition is important to them. They want to be noticed and respected. Their style may lean in two directions, the professional and potential leader, embodying their sense of ambition and desire for power and status, or the athletic.

    When it comes to athletic style, they are accustomed to highly active lifestyles and may play sports or engage in challenging physical exercise programs and so even when dressing to conquer in career, they are likely to carry a gym bag in the car allowing them to efficiently include their workout routine regardless of how busy they are.

    Bold reds and purples, the colors associated with power, work well for Mars dominant people. They are likely to dress in ways which exude the energy of authority while at the same time they are careful not to dress in clothing that is stiff or constricting. They move fast and can’t risk being slowed down by boxy jackets or stylish but impractical shoes.

    They prefer to be physically fit and muscular, and others may find them physically attractive and seductive. Naturally attracted to leadership and power, they know how to command attention. When dressing to lead or represent their career ambitions, they are careful to be discrete as composed to style intended to seduce a potential lover. They don’t like to become bogged down by too many layers and prefer clothing that is breathable and good quality.

    When it comes to personal space, Mars dominant people need breathing room because they are independent and always on the move. Although they don’t want to be crowded by others, they have no problem closing in on those around them without realizing they have could be overstepping the boundaries of others.

    They are impulsive and easily take the lead so they may initiate physical contact with their romantic interests. This may seem paradoxical, since a Mars dominant person would likely be turned off by someone who showed the same intense interest in them, standing close, initiating physical contact, being the first to call or text. Yet they don’t always realize that their displays of affection and interest may possibly be unrequited.

    Mars dominant people make the mistake of assuming others share their views without first gathering evidence of this. As a result, they may jump to conclusions about the pace of the relationship and make steady efforts to pursue others. They want to take the lead and will show their enthusiasm for others when it exists. There will be no guessing about the intentions of a Mars dominant person as they make their passions and interests clear.

    They will be sure to remain in contact with their love interests and regular dates are reassuring to them. They aren’t likely to go days at a time without texting or calling, although their messages may be brief at times, they will keep in connection if truly interested.

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