What does Uranus as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?

By 12andus

uranus.png The Uranus dominant person, or Uranian, resists classification of any kind. Highly intuitive and ahead of their time, the only guarantee when it comes to physical appearance is that they will in some way appear different. They are usually highly energetic and while restless they remain open and friendly as opposed to the anxiety others with an excess of energy may exhibit. Something about their eyes will seem electrifying regardless of eye color. Their energy is strong and you may be able to perceive their intensity.

They can be trendy yet will remain on the cutting edge. Even when dressing according to trends, Uranians will add their own flair and create a unique, eccentric style. Uranus dominant people may be drawn to textures and fabrics or accessories that shine or mimic electricity, and to styles which are bold and carry a unique statement about their personality.

They like to keep people guessing and refuse to be defined so while they may set the tone for communicating their personalities or interests through personal style, they will throw in enough surprises to keep others from classifying them concretely.

Uranians have a knack for shocking others, so their wardrobe may break all the rules or at least enough rules to get the attention of others. They are likely to combine artistic, bohemian styles one minute and then switch it up to formal attire, yet will still use color combinations and eccentric patterns or accessories to stand out from the crowd.

Often Uranus dominant people are activists for causes and so much of their wardrobe may consist of political buttons or shirts bearing slogans and messages which embody their social justice interests and concerns.

Uranians are social and thrive on crowd and group settings. Even in a group however they prefer to stand out either as leader or trouble maker. They can be affectionate to a point but detest being clung to. They need freedom to move around and will not be pleased by anyone placing their role as significant other or spouse ahead of their identity as individual.

They are notorious for texting infrequently after steadily pursuing an interest, or for ghosting people altogether. Their boundaries, like their moods, are erratic. They may act like someone’s best friend one moment and then disappear. Eventually they resurface but they can’t be rushed into intimacy or relationships without rebelling completely. Anyone who tries will find out the hard way as the Uranian person may rebel completely and disappear from their lives.

When in love, they are just as unorthodox as in other areas of life and may engage in over the top displays of affection, but they prefer to initiate these surprises and may feel confined if others initiate. They are able to connect to others intellectually and sexually but emotional intimacy is difficult as they fear losing themselves in the process and will hide from a potentially good relationship for this reason.

They have diverse interests and prefer casual contact with an eclectic array of people to deep intimacy with one person.

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