What does Neptune as the dominant planet reveal about appearance, style and personal boundaries?


    neptune.png The Neptune dominant person has soft, sometimes rounded out features and dreamy eyes.

    They may appear constantly in a state of daydream and even when looking right at you may seem as if they are really somewhere else. They are extremely sensitive and in touch with the spiritual realm as much as with the physical realm, sometimes more.

    Their romantic, dreamy nature shows in their appearance and they may dress in ways that show their artistic tastes and creative side. They will not tolerate restrictive, formal or uniform clothing. However their penchant for fantasy means they can become immersed in cos play and use style and clothing to enact their fantasies of living in a fairy tale or imaginary realm.

    They gravitate toward comfortable, soft fabrics and shades of blue or purple, usually preferring colors which are ethereal or soft and avoiding stark, bold, bright colors like red or yellow. They typically don’t like to stand out unless their sense of imagination and creativity are triggered.

    They are both emotionally and physically sensitive and may break out in rashes if trying to wear clothing made of harsh materials or chemical dyes. Any imbalance in their life is likely to be displayed through their physical appearance as they can break out in rashes or acne easily if stressed or triggered by environmental toxins.

    Neptune dominant people struggle with boundaries because in their heart, they know separation is an illusion and all beings are connected. As a result they actually prefer to lose the illusion of separation and in doing so can lose themselves in relationships. They are adaptable and may morph to resemble their significant others in dress, style and even speech and weight. They are also very impressionable and may allow others to take the lead in relationships, becoming passive and complacent or going with the flow.

    Neptunians are highly sensitive so as much as they enjoy affection and desire intimacy, they will also feel pushed to their limit easily yet have difficulty communicating when they need to retreat into solitude. Instead they may rely on addictions, substances, fantasy or other escapes to be their vehicle for disconnecting from others when the relationship becomes too intense or when they simply need space.

    Neptune dominant people are introverted and regardless of their feelings for another they do require time alone to process and reflect. If they aren’t given enough space to retreat they will seek it out through sabotage or even display emotional ups and downs all communicating the need to pause and take time out.

    Neptunians may misunderstand boundaries set by others and may end up feeling hurt or rejected by others who are simply more adept at stating their limits and preferences. They may also become resentful of those who aren’t as self sacrificing as they are, not realizing that they, too, could set effective boundaries if they did not convince themselves of the need to overextend their time, energy and affection toward others.

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