Discover your Compatibility in Relationships by Knowing the Synastry Planets in the Houses

window-heart.jpg Determining compatibility in astrology requires more than knowledge of the Sun Sign of two people.

There is much more to astrology than considering whether an Aquarius and Leo will be attracted to each other. For that matter, there is a lot more to relationships than just one measure of attraction and compatibility as well.

That is why astrologers consider synastry charts. In a synastry chart, the positions of the natal planets of each person is analyzed. Rather than just addressing the sign placement of the Sun (outward ego), a view of where each natal planet is positioned in each person’s chart is reviewed.

This is important because neither astrology nor relationships are one dimensional. When considering the placement of someone’s natal planets in your chart, you can learn how different aspects of their personality interact with different areas of your life.

Each of your partner’s natal planets can ‘activate’ certain energy in your life depending on which of your natal houses this planet is found. For example, if your partner’s natal Jupiter is placed in your second house in a synastry chart, this person will help you accumulate abundance.

They may serve as a mentor who helps you reach your highest potential and value yourself so that you pursue your business goals. Their optimism may help you overcome obstacles to acquiring valuable assets.

Yet if your significant other’s natal Jupiter is in your fifth house, their influence in your life will have nothing to do with finances. Their focus will be helping you expand your creativity and playfulness in pursuit of pleasure. Rather than helping you with wealth and finances, they may actually help you spend your money on luxurious vacations and exciting recreational activities.

In a synastry chart, the role of your planets in relationship to your significant others’ natal houses represent the energy you bring to different aspects of their life. If your natal Venus is in their seventh house, there will likely be an easy romantic attraction and relationship of a compassionate nature. If your natal Venus is in their tenth house, your diplomacy and artistic talents will help benefit their career and there may not be an actual romance.

In matters of romance, key planets to consider are Venus, the Moon,Sun and Jupiter for attraction, ease of emotional connection, communication and whether you will both influence each other’s growth in positive ways.

Even Saturn, whose reputation suffers some because of his association with discipline and sacrifice, can be significant in determining romantic viability. If other factors point toward a romantic connection, Saturn placed in a partner’s seventh house or in positive aspects to relationship planets can indicate long term commitment.

Yet there are many types of attraction and many purposes for relationship. All of the planets are significant to understand. Uranus for example may signify how a person serves as a catalyst in your life, bringing needed change.

A partner with Uranus in your eighth house may compel you to leave a stagnant relationship and usher in a new phase of life in which you reclaim your power and experience deep healing. This person may be a new romantic partner or friend or guru, depending on the placement of other planets.

A significant other with natal planets in your first house is likely to be someone who instantly understands you and who has a strong influence on your personality and even your appearance. A partner’s natal planets in your second house show their influence on how you acquire wealth. When someone’s natal planets are in your third house it will show how they influence your thinking and communication.

Another’s natal planets in your fourth house influence your connection to home and family. Your fifth house shows how you pursue pleasure and can also describe your potential to engage in affairs and casual relationships which are more about pleasure seeking than long term commitment.

Your sixth house shows attention to tedious daily work and service and the presence of another’s natal planets in this house can influence how you view your responsibilities to the community.

The seventh house is the domain of partnerships. This is a key area to pay attention to when it comes to romantic partnerships. This is also the house to pay attention to when it comes to partnerships of all kinds including business. Another person’s natal planets in your seventh house speak to their influence on one on one collaborations with you.

Natal planets in the eight house determine others’ influence on you when it comes to power, sexuality and transformation. Someone who has natal Jupiter in your eighth house can contribute to your financial growth.

Another’s natal planets in your ninth house can help you awaken to new wisdom or spark foreign travel. Your tenth house represents career and public status. A significant other with natal planets in your tenth house can either contribute to or sabotage your career.

The eleventh house shows connection to group efforts, social change and rebellion. A person with significant natal planets in your eleventh house can influence your social life and progressive ideas. Your twelfth house represents spiritual connection, healing and escapism.

A significant other with natal planets in this house can either awaken your compassion or encourage addictive behavior depending on the planets involved.

When a partner’s natal planet is in one of your natal houses, their presence in your life activates the energy of that planet. Knowing this, you can embrace the various ways that relationships can enhance your life. For example, even a ‘challenging’ placement can be a blessing.

Someone with natal Mars in your seventh house can trigger your need for confidence and assertiveness by acting in dominating ways. The relationship may not be easy, yet they offer the opportunity to teach you how to stand up for yourself and your views rather than acquiescing to their demands.

You can read the interpretations of synastry planets and house placements to discover your relationships compatibilities in the "Questions and answers" box of the Relationships Reports section.


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