The questions and answers for your birth chart are now available

questions-280px.jpgI'm glad to introduce the new Questions & Answers reports. You can find them on the Astro Reports page, in English only, at least for now. The first batch of questions is:

How do I express my ego and how can I reach my true self?
How do I express my life goals?
How do I express my intellect?
What's my communication style?
What kind of personality makes me more passionate?
What's my natural active sexual attitude?
What kind of person makes me feel comfortable to be with?
How do I deal with my feelings?
How is my inner child?

The last 3 questions depend mostly on the Moon’s position, thus if the Moon can't be calculated, for instance when the birth time is unknown, those questions won't show up for you.

The much-awaited question, “What's the best way for me attract a potential partner?” will need to... wait a bit more because it will be part of an “attraction” series of 5 questions and answers:

How do I approach and express romance?
What's the best way for me attract a potential partner?
What attracts me in romance and relationships?
What turns me off in romance and relationships?
How do I turn off lovers and potential partners?

Both the good and the dark side of Venus will be considered to be able to answer the above questions (yes, even the planet of love has a dark side).

More questions and answers will be available in time, and I will introduce them gradually during the next few months.

The answers will be available both to ordinary and premium users. For ordinary users one answer will be available each day. Allowing time for the messages to sink inside is actually a good way to deepen the insights a person has.

However, if you are in a hurry, you can become a Premium member and read all the answers as soon as you subscribe for as little as $0.16 a day. Also, you can gain a week of Premium membership for every friend registering by sharing 12andus with your Facebook friends.

We wish you a great discovery.


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