What kind of person do you feel most comfortable being around, based on your Moon sign?

matches-long-term-466.jpg What can the Moon in the signs reveal to you about the kind of person you feel most comfortable being around?

Moon in Aries

You want to surround yourself with enthusiastic people who don´t try to change you or put any limitations on you. You need independent, passionate, dynamic and honest friends and partners that challenge you physically and intellectually.

You love meeting new types of people, and your social network involves sports clubs and the gym. You need the company of someone with enough vitality to keep up with your non-stop adventures.

Behind your need for action and change, you might hide a fear of creating intimate bonds. You may avoid becoming emotionally available for others by always being on the move. Start by acknowledging that nobody can take what is already yours, and dare to add some consistency into your life.

Moon in Taurus

You feel comfortable with people who make you feel safe, both financially and emotionally. You love to socialize with those whose life motto is the same as yours: You are born to enjoy the finer things in life! Even if you are called a hedonist, you can´t help it!

You are happiest in intimate and serene gatherings surrounded by your material comforts and your companion’s belongings, and their comfort, money and stability please you. Since stability is your number one priority, you need people willing to be there for you all the time.

You are attached to material things. You might fail to perceive other´s worth for who they are and not for what they have. You may not engage with others through love but through materialism, looking for providers instead of partners. If you want to manifest fulfilling relationships, make sure to establish deeper roots.

Moon in Gemini

You feel comfortable with intellectual, intelligent people with enough variety of interests to have fluid lively conversations with you. You appreciate being with someone who isn´t possessive or clingy, and mostly, emotionally stable.

As you are very social, you have plenty of friends and most likely, a line-up of potential lovers. You would rather date each one of them than choose one. You feel especially good at parties and every sort of event where you can socialize and meet new people to keep things interesting.

You don't believe in all or nothing, yet other people don´t understand your intense need for diversity and take you as a flirtatious person who plays with other´s feelings, and this can even lead to fights and problems in relationships. Avoid sending the wrong message, wise up and take responsibility for your actions.

Moon in Cancer

You need to feel the warmth, protection and closeness of someone that you can trust and take care of. Someone that make you feel at home, no matter where you are.

You need to protect your fragile side, so you keep your intimate circle small, but you can be very sociable in general terms. You love the company of expressive people that show you love through affectionate gestures of touch and by sharing their emotional issues.

Being careful is fine, but be careful not to become paranoid. Not everybody is trying to hurt you or is watching your steps to take advantage of you. Most of the time it is all in your mind. Your high sensitivity sometimes makes you overprotect yourself.

Anyways, hiding in your shell won't save you from the threats of this world. It will only deprive you from meeting wonderful people and living new experiences. Get rid of your conspiracy theories!

Moon in Leo

You feel especially comfortable with people that recognize your importance, your value, and how wonderful you are. Someone that compliments you and make you feel special by giving you all the attention and letting you shine.

In the same way, you adore being in the presence of important, prestigious people who enjoy the luxurious side of life as much as you do and who manifest their success in life through their skills.

On the other hand, your need to be recognized makes you sometimes believe you are above other people, bringing an authoritarian attitude and thinking you are always right. Treat your friends and partners as equals, if they feel like you are very demanding and self-centered, chances are they won't stick around.

Moon in Virgo

You are very critical when it comes to appraising others. You have high standards and need to know someone is as much a perfectionist as you in order to feel comfortable with someone. You would rather be alone than with people that you don't consider worthy of your time.

You enjoy the presence of modest, intelligent, neat people with good values and morals that provide you with some sort of security, but nothing too luxurious or lavish, as you are not interested in vanity or extravagance. You prefer modesty, and you don't make friends easily.

You love the company of someone who is not going to rush the relationship, and who doesn't approach you intensely, but rather allows you to build trust steadily over time. However, you appreciate being with more extroverted people than you so that they can take the lead and guide the interaction, but with mild manners.

It is quite difficult for you to trust others, not because you have a distrustful nature, but because if you don't have enough confidence in yourself, you project that onto others. You can be very tough when judging others and yourself, it is as if you were always trying to find the errors and you don't let any imperfections go unnoticed.

Moon in Libra

You are drawn to a good mannered, elegant, cultured person with good taste and a gentle temper. Your social life is very active and there is nothing you appreciate more than a refined atmosphere full of good looking people and harmonious camaraderie where conversations revolve around arts, culture, beauty and social commitment.

People who don't quarrel and avoid confrontations are your preferred company. You consider people who are quick to create conflict as distasteful.

Despite your great need for harmony and peace, you can be very superficial and ambitious using your connections and numerous friends to reach high positions in life and accomplishing your goals.

Moon in Scorpio

You can be suspicious of contact with others. You need to get to know others very well before you can offer your friendship. You feel comfortable with those who have proven their trustworthiness and those who trust you enough to let you know them intimately.

You are not into anything superficial, you need in-depth connections, honest, committed friends and partners that make you feel in control and leave no place for doubts.

Under your façade of contention and reserved nature, there is a deep, agitated, turbulent sea of emotional conflicts. Very few people have access to the depth of your real feelings.

Be aware that an ongoing conflict between expressing your instincts and controlling them would promote a constant introspection that lead you to live in your inner world, immersed in gloomy feelings.

Moon in Sagittarius

You enjoy being with easy going people, audacious, fun, ready for action, partners who love travel and adventures as much as you do. You enjoy being with others who share your energy and vitality.

You prefer to be surrounded by people with values and life philosophies, who are interesting, intriguing friends and partners with vast experiences to share and talk about. World explorers as well as inner researchers are your preferred buddies.

You have the inclination to believe that there is nothing you can't do, and constantly end up finding out that you have taken on too much than what you could actually handle. An excessive optimism turns your ambitions into a road paved with difficulties. You can be more successful if you are more realistic in your expectations.

Moon in Capricorn

You will be drawn to a successful, independent, trustworthy person with prestige and authority. Someone inspirational that motivates you and stimulates your insatiable ambition.

You can't stand superficial or mediocre people, you prefer those who built their life through their own efforts. You enjoy conversations about work, money and achievements and attending to high profile events.

You need to be close to emotionally moderate people because you don't like any emotional excess. You feel comfortable with people who are reliable and predictable.

Moon in Aquarius

You actually feel more comfortable being in a group than in a one-on-one situation. As a matter of fact, collective energy is your thing.

You enjoy being with authentic open-minded friends with unusual ideas and feelings and above all people who are non-judgmental. Dynamic, energetic personalities will be appreciate the most, because you need them to be ready for all sorts of adventures and unconventional plans. You love creative people that bring novelty into your life and avoid boredom at all costs!

Your preference for anything which is out of the ordinary might prevent you from connecting emotionally with ordinary people and with their feelings.

Moon in Pisces

You are drawn to the person that make you feel loved and understood, tender, kind, romantic willing to merge with you emotionally. Friends and partners with a good heart that show you their fantasies and fears.

Someone you can rely on, who listens to you, and understands that the most important things are those that can't be seen but felt, and life is not limited to the mundane. You really care about what is inside more than external appearances. You like to be involved with people who share a spiritual path.

Sometimes your feelings get blurred and confused and you are not clear about what you want. You assume that those around you must automatically know what you need and when you need it without you having to ask for it, because you think that love means having the skill to get inside another person mind and feelings.

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