How is your inner child, according to your Moon sign?

how-inner-child-466.jpg What can the Moon in the signs tell you about your inner child?

Moon in Aries

Your inner child is autonomous, independent and feels loved with demonstrations of bravery, love for life, and action.Always the one in charge, you demand a lot of attention and self-assurance. Your inner child needs to win, compete, explore, play sports and learn new things.

You can have abandonment issues and you probably grew up in an aggressive environment where your mother imposed herself upon you and decided everything for you.Ever since you can remember, you have had to fight and defend yourself and you unconsciously believe that where there is love, there is a battle.

Moon in Taurus

Your inner child is very sensitive and responsive to the environment, looking for security above all. This child would love to stay in the same place for eternity and associates affection with comfort, enjoyment, and pleasure. The easiest thing for this child is to possess, whether it be objects or people.

Your family priority was to provide you with an abundance of material things and food, which might result in overeating once an adult. The fear of the unknown and change cause you to adopt a conformist attitude that might create stagnation and boredom in your life. Embrace change!

Moon in Gemini

Your inner child wants to understand everything and is extremely curious.You need to communicate, socialize, ask multiple questions and play. During childhood, your family acknowledged your intelligence more than anything and your siblings (if any) played a very important role in your upbringing. You perceived your mother as very intellectual, unpredictable and clever.

Your energy disperses a lot. You want to do a lot of things at the same time, which in the long term, prevents you from finishing what you start or from becoming an expert in any single field. It is very difficult for you to remain still. You are prone to anxiety and nervousness. Meditation can help.

Moon in Cancer

Your inner child needs to be protected, pampered, nurtured and cared for all the time, maybe even a bit too much. This child is very vulnerable, tender, imaginative, loving and emotionally introverted.

Love is associated with pampering and security. Your inner child needs a home that is a tranquil and safe place; a nest of joy. The mother image is very important for you.

Having been excessively protected and perhaps kept a bit insecure and childish, you try to find relationships with a total connection. The risk is that you can be almost impossible to please, as meeting your high expectations is hard. You can be so attached to your original family or to your place that you risk to never grow up into an independent individual.

Moon in Leo

Your inner child feels unique, special, and at the center of the universe. You need to be desired. You need people to celebrate your talents and accomplishments.

You got used to being worthy of recognition effortlessly during your childhood, and this joyful experience is deeply rooted inside you, so that you just can't conceive of the idea of not being admired and treated like royalty.

While you actually have an inner dignity and authority, learn to be a member of a group without seeking recognition, get out of the ego and connect with your most humanitarian side.

Even when your sense of dignity and personal value is very strong, ironically, you don't believe in yourself unless you are being praised and assured by others.

Moon in Virgo

Your inner child believes that only an adult and responsible behavior is rewarded with affection. In your upbringing, you have been thought to understand and comprehend rather than to feel and experience emotions.

You could have perceived your mother as person who gave many rules. Your inner child wants to make sure everything is well-defined and organized, and find it very difficult to do something unpredictable, strange or different. You associate affection with efficiency, rationalism, and usefulness. You had to start behaving like an adult way too soon.

Your attention to the minimal details gives you the certainty that nothing bad can happen, you think to yourself, how could that be? I have everything under control! So, when life throws you a curveball you lose balance and feel extremely uncomfortable and blocked.

Moon in Libra

Your inner child needs validation and self-assurance. You grew up giving importance to being sociable and kind to people, the best host, always with a smile.

Your inner child wants to please others and is constantly concerned about your surroundings and what people might think and say about you. Your inner child seeks being approved and measures emotional success in terms of social acceptance. This child can endure a lot to not seem discordant or an adversary.

Self-determination is the key to overcome instability and vacillation. Choose consciously what is best for you, acknowledge the fact that defining your personal priorities will bring you genuine fulfillment, don't settle for the temporary satisfaction that being accomodating and agreeable provides you.

Moon in Scorpio

Your inner child is hard to read, your emotions flow deeply and silently, but they are intense.

Your inner child is somehow a survivor, you could have gone under traumatic emotional experiences. You might perceive your caretakers as possessive and controlling, for that reason you tend to act in the same way in your relationships.

For you is difficult to express feelings and emotions, thinking that revealing your inner world would make you vulnerable and weak on other's eyes. Unconsciously, you are convinced that if you don't fight, you don't survive. You associate conflict, and fight with safety.

Avoid becoming bitter regardless of the suffering you have been through.

Moon in Sagittarius

Your inner child is pretty naive and extremely optimistic, the kind of child that is easygoing, cheerful with everybody and trusting people.

Your original familiar environment was very changeable. You could have lived your childhood abroad or moved home or caretakers repeatedly.

You need freedom from attachments and want to explore life in its fullness. You aren’t usually jealous and don't like possessive people.

You keep a natural curiosity for studies, different cultures, languages, and distant countries. However, your inner child might be stubborn and rigid in his convictions.

Understand that a situation has more than one solution, and your first option is not always the best.

Moon in Capricorn

Your inner child is pretty serious and responsible, wanting to feel loved through your good deeds and your acquired skills. People recognize you as reliable and steadfast.

You probably had an austere childhood, the role of emotions was underestimated and there was not communication with your parents except when it was to talk about an achievement like getting good grades in school.

You could have had a nanny or a family member that took care of you while your parents were working. Perhaps you felt like your parents had to work hard to provide for you.

You demand too much of yourself. If you fail at something, you concluded that you were not good enough and you didn't try hard enough, and force yourself to improve.

There is a high level of demand on every single aspect of your life. You are used to distress and consider it normal, because in your view even as a child, life is not a bed of roses.

The suggestion here is to value yourself for your inner qualities and not for what you attain.

Moon in Aquarius

Friendly, unique and independent. You perceived your mother as extravagant person. Your inner child looks for collaboration, unity and brotherhood.

You are especially sensitive to social rejection, especially from your peers. Friendship is very important to you.

Your inner child hides an anguish of sudden loss of affection, avoids to fully surrender to feelings. You don't want to experiencing again the trauma of cutting off the affective bond abruptly. So you rapidly fill this gap with something else, for example, with friends or with mental occupations.

In this way, you deny the original abandonment feeling. You cannot accept the situation completely because it all happened so fast, there was not a normal healing process of this, so you had to detach emotionally to avoid suffering. Detachment gives you tranquility but you need to feel your original feeling of loss in order to becoome whole.

Moon in Pisces

Your inner child loves to be told fantastic stories, daydreams about it, and wishes to stay in that world of dreams forever.

Love is experienced through fantasy which might morph into illusion. Everything is seen and lived from the imagination. You can’t see your true identity, it’s all fuzzy and blurry. Your inner child can feel like an orphan, even if you aren't. Your mother seemed to live in a separate world. However, you felt a psychic bond with her, sharing moods, feelings and thoughts.

Your inner child is compassionate and wants to help others so much that you forget about yourself. You might lack productivity in the practical side of life. Getting out of the fantasy, working in the real world, adapting to a schedule, bringing responsibilities into your life might be hard for you, but needed to become a whole person.

If you merge your immense creativity, inspiration and sensitivity with practical work, you can manifest your best life bringing soul touching art into this world.

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