How do you get emotionally hurt and how can you protect yourself, according to your Moon sign?

emotionally-hurt-466.jpg What can the Moon in the signs show you about how you get emotionally hurt and how you can protect yourself?

Moon in Aries

You become emotionally hurt when a person uses passive aggressive techniques, by not responding to you directly or actively engaging with you or by building a cold wall of indifference, and when others don't let their emotions flow.

You can protect yourself by not reacting suddenly. Instead let your high emotions cool down. Take a few deep breaths and see things as they are. Consider whether the other person is also hurt and acting out of self protection.

Moon in Taurus

You become emotionally hurt when you feel insecure because it seems the things and the people that make you feel safe aren't reliable anymore. You are concerned about stability and steadiness. Everything that subverts your emotional or material securities can bring you to a deep pain.

Embracing life change is the key to accepting what life gives you. You are scared by anything that changes the status quo, but accepting transformations will also open new developments and new safe places for you.

Moon in Gemini

You become emotionally hurt when somebody doesn't listen to you, doesn't understand you, doesn't accept your wit and humor and doesn't value your intellect. Especially, you are hurt when others don’t allow you to sort out your issues through words.

In order to rectify this it is important for you to feel more than you think or talk. The mind is not the only channel for understanding. Giving too much importance to the intellect will create imbalances.

Moon in Cancer

You become emotionally hurt when your sense of security and safety nets are gone, especially when you lose the people or things you associate with emotional security. When you aren't surrounded by sensitive people who extend their compassion, warmth and affection; you feel like a lost child.

You need to embrace your inner child and give protection and safety to that sensitive part of yourself by accepting your vulnerability and acting with compassion toward yourself.

Moon in Leo

You become emotionally hurt when people don't give you the recognition you think you deserve, when they ignore you or don't see your value. You also become very hurt when your public image is not as perfect as you need it to be.

You need to tame your pride and accept that cooperation can be more fulfilling than being at the center of attention.

Moon in Virgo

You become emotionally hurt when you feel that others are treating you as if you are no longer useful or needed, when you can't take care of or support people.

You need to know and base your value on what you are and not just for what you do.

Moon in Libra

You become emotionally hurt when you are left alone. Company, association and cooperation are essential for your emotional balance. Also, you become uncomfortable when people argue with you.

You need to find your self-worth regardless of others' recognition and let go of the need to appear to always be perfect and attractive.

Moon in Scorpio

You become emotionally hurt when you feel betrayed, even slightly. Also, you feel hurt when somebody doesn't care about the depth and the truth of a situation.

Sometimes you imagine yourself being betrayed, almost in a paranoid way. You need to control your thoughts and double check them with reality and facts.

Moon in Sagittarius

You become emotionally hurt when somebody wants to limit your freedom and your movements. This can make you depressed. Also, you become hurt when people misunderstand your enthusiasm for silliness.

You need to broaden your concept of freedom, which is more of an inner sense of freedom than an external one.

Moon in Capricorn

You become emotionally hurt when you perceive that people view you as not being useful or worthy to accomplish practical things in the world.

You need to deidentify with what you do and with your social status as a benchmark for your self-worth. Your value stands in your inner qualities.

Moon in Aquarius

You become emotionally hurt when your space and independence are challenged, as well as when people don't take your ideas seriously, and consider you as just a naïve utopian or weirdo.

You need to come to terms with the so-called normality of people. Not everybody is enthusiastic about unusual lifestyles and you must accept this as part of the variety of humanity.

Moon in Pisces

Since you are very sensitive, you can become easily emotionally hurt, especially when your compassion and care is taken advantage of and when they take you for granted.

You need to ground your sensitivity in reality, and discern better between your illusions and reality. Giving your love indiscriminately is not going to help anybody.

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