What's your communication style, according to your Mercury sign?

communication-style.jpg What can Mercury in the signs tell you about your communication style?

Mercury in Aries

Straight and truthful, at times viciously so, you don't mince words.

You enjoy an argument, and will deliberate just about any problem intensely, even if you only intend to flex your mental might.

Your voice is strong and robust and you are inclined to talk noisily and compellingly.

You could be an energetic speaker or an annoying troublemaker.

Vocally firm, even confrontational, sometimes you end up in a mess due to the fact you fail to notice when to shut up or to be tactful.

When you pay more attention to talking in an inspiring fashion, your usual combative notions are transformed into imaginative, motivating communication.

Mercury in Taurus

You don't speak unless need be, and even then, you don't parse your words or speak unnecessarily, you use as few words as possible to get your point across. So, because of that people at times think you are slow or introvert, but they are wrong.

You aren't talkative or eloquent, and would rather get your point across differently - through the body or actions, or via art or song – instead of skill with language.

Still, that doesn't mean you can't be as smart as your more talkative friends; you just don't show how smart you are by talking.

In its place, you may be a dazzling artist. You are interested in music, painting and figurative arts. It's hard for you to describe what you think or sense, and you worry about that fact.

But if you try to talk openly and express that other people's opinions hold merit too, you may find their opinions will improve your own thoughts. Sometimes you can use their opinions as ways to get things done.

Mercury in Gemini

You love speaking, but don't really like to listen, and never lack knowing what to say. You believe being able to communicate in all ways is very important for your life.

You have a lot of pals, coworkers and contacts you talk to often and you keep up with people who don't live near you. You might be a social media addict, always posting short passages and commenting.

Since you are a jack of all trades, you know what to talk about no matter who you are speaking with and no matter the subject.

But you may speak rather quickly and too often, so pay attention so you know when to stop talking. You could end up working in the media, such as being a correspondent, writer, editor or content provider for a website or blog.

Mercury in Cancer

Sometimes you don't know the exact word or phrase to use, but you have great skills in non-verbal communication. It doesn't matter how great your opinions are, you find it difficult to explain yourself rationally and methodically.

So, others at times believe you are slower than what is true, and that makes you apprehensive regarding your mental strengths. You can best communicate via media like music or artwork, as that better shows how varied and deep your feelings are.

However, writing is suited to your communication style because allows to slowly reflect on your inner world and choose the right words with no hurry.

Mercury in Leo

You like being the center of attention, talking to hordes of people, telling other people what you think and sharing dreams with the masses.

It's likely you are talented in the arts and like expressing your thoughts via arts like painting or dancing. Even if you aren't great verbally, you speak powerfully and authoratively with your expression of the facts through visual media and with gestures.

It is vital for you to be able to express yourself dramatically, and receive praise and attention for doing so.

Mercury in Virgo

Wary, you frequently stay quiet when it would be better for you to speak your mind and then later on you can protest copiously to buddies and associates.

Your love of language and books could lead to you becoming a journalist or other type of writer.

You often file and register all emotional experiences you have, intellectualizing feelings.

If you can remove your perfectionist attitude, relations and talks with others can be heightened to a different level. You don't have to defend yourself around everyone because you don't need to justify your small faults to either yourself or others.

Mercury in Libra

You possess the rare skill to view a problem from both sides and can stay separated, neutral and impartial. You can dispute problems slyly, sometimes strongly, however, you don't involve your hard feelings.

Forever diplomatic, mannerly and tactful when speaking, you don't often get angry and never stimulate fights.

You speak a lot about people, love, romance, passion and relationships, but always with an elegant verbal style. You also think much about love and relationships.

By becoming aware on what should be said, instead on what others desire to hear, will bring more fairness, veracity and stability to the communication. Remember that you can be diplomatic by bringing the peace you require without giving up your inner truth. You can be tactful, and bring comfort to others with your words, and don't concede any kind of personal integrity.

Mercury in Scorpio

In your verbal communication you are disposed to be direct, to the point, at times cruelly mocking. You make your point without mincing words, and you don't care who you hurt along the way.

You get your opinion across passionately and persuasively, and love a good dispute against a worthy adversary.

Your speaking is infused with charm and fascination, revealing mental strength, shrewdness and ability to lead.

You instinctively understand the things people desire hearing, and are crafty and able to manipulate their feelings, which makes you able to persuade people and drive them to do what you want.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Your imagination and the way you talk intrigues people, that makes you good at telling stories and you are able to keep an audience enthralled for hours with all the stories you know. In fact, you should really start writing those stories down.

Friendly and very talkative, somewhat garrulous, to the point you speak to people on the street if they will listen, and love to talk just so you can learn more about the world.

An unwavering visionary, you speak volumes on the things you plan to do in the future. Your verbal communication is mostly positive, inspiring and encouraging people with your zest for life.

Mercury in Capricorn

Before you say anything, you think out your words and match them to the situation to make sure your words are practical, exact and succinct. It's rare you say anything that you will later regret.

You'd rather talk to friends than strangers, are wary and insecure if forced to talk to an audience or people you don't know.

Your communication style is slow, sober and to the point. You don't use more words than needed.

Surrendering your want to uphold authority lets people share their own information with you so that you both can enrich your culture.

Mercury in Aquarius

Opinionated, impertinent and tactless, you could be in arguments a lot. You can't be swayed in what you believe, no matter the opinions of others, you will debate something incessantly.

You don't care if someone doesn't agree with you. You love a good discussion, but would rather talk about non-personal subjects and concepts By preferring objective subjects, you don't ever show your inner self, except for your beliefs.

An energetic and flamboyant speaker that inspires the masses, you find it easy to put together a team connected by your vision.

When your thoughts center on making an intimate individual connection to someone, instead of talking to the masses, you perceive their feelings. Knowing the personality of the people you meet lets you apply the social ideals you care for.

Mercury in Pisces

Your words are many times too personal, jumbled or separated from the real world that people just don't understand where you are coming from.

You don't always listen when people talk to you and instead are thinking about something else, being your mind very suggestible and ductile.

It's simpler for you to interact with songs or pictures than to speak, and though you don't always make sense when writing something, you're able to make people understand with different tools, mostly non-verbal.

If you make efforts to clearly communicate your psychic skills and discoveries then people can understand and share your inner world better. Also you can help them to become more aware of psychic aspects which usually aren't visible to most.

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