What kind of personality do you desire, according to your Venus sign?

personality-you-desire-466.jpg What can Venus in the signs show you about the kind of personality you desire?

Venus in Aries

You desire someone who challenges you without dominating you. You want to prove yourself as a hero in relationships and a person who remains elusive enough to give you a run for your money will easily become the focus of your passion and desire.

You want to know your love interest is strong and passionate but you are also drawn to people with enough vulnerability to appear to need rescuing. Ironically you are turned off by people who openly seek rescuing.

You prefer to focus your desire on the person who reveals their vulnerability enough to trigger your interest but then demonstrates their independence and even slight indifference toward you.

When wooing a partner you truly want to know that you have won someone over by proving your strength and uniqueness.

Venus in Taurus

Your desire is triggered by someone who displays status, class and excellent taste. It is only fitting, since you know your worth, that you will seek out a partner who has high standards.

Your sense of desire is also triggered by physical appearance. This is because Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and so you can’t help being attracted to physical beauty.

The person you desire is romantic and in some ways traditional. You are drawn to sensuality and will look for someone who appears to have it all together and seems to carry social status.

You are keenly aware of value and someone who is desired by others is elevated in status in your eyes. Someone who knows their own worth and is somewhat elusive but also honest and doesn’t play mind games will appeal to you.

Venus in Gemini

You desire people who appeal to your intellect.

The witty, charismatic and outgoing person who has a full social calendar and has traveled to places you only dream about going will appeal to you. For you, desire begins in the mind. You become attracted to those who stimulate your imagination.

You desire the person who can keep your interest though tantalizing conversations and intellectual debate. The person who is never boring. The person who is friendly and has had interesting experiences that feed your love of trivia and satisfy your curiosity to learn.

A partner who speaks numerous languages will appeal to your sense of desire as well. You will be attracted to a person who is educated, eclectic and intellectual.

You are likely to desire someone who is fascinated by your stories and doesn’t try to censor or silence you, someone who appreciates your knowledge and looks to you for information as well.

Venus in Cancer

You desire the person you could see as the parent of your children. You long for family and security and desire the person who will be as nurturing to you as you are to them. The person who has a stable career and who is sensible but also sentimental will attract your attention.

You desire someone who is affectionate and reliable. Someone who appreciates your sensitivity and can hold space for your erratic and intense emotions while remaining emotionally grounded.

You will also desire the person who can express their romantic nature in nostalgic, old fashioned ways.

Venus in Leo

You desire someone who will appreciate your generosity and talents while also elevating your status and power. You love to be in the spotlight. You desire the person who lives a glamorous life and has a high profile image that benefits your attraction to the limelight.

Your love interest doesn’t need to be wealthy but they do need to treat you like a Queen of King.

Your desire is triggered by the opportunity for social mobility and luxury. You want to enjoy the best of what life has to offer with your dynamic, creative and fun loving partner.

Venus in Virgo

You desire a partner who is detail oriented and humble but who helps to balance your meticulous nature. You struggle to relax and enjoy life, preferring instead to work and be of service to others. You desire a carefree lifestyle and may prefer to live vicariously through their partner.

You desire adventure and fun but prefer a low risk, analytical approach. You like to be in control but may be strongly attracted to those who are dramatically different from you. In this way you seek to balance out your sometimes high strung personality.

You are drawn to the person who shares your high standards yet who is also passionate and reliable.

You desire someone who shares your rationality and somewhat conservative values yet who knows how to bring excitement and surprises into your life, in measured doses of course.

Venus in Libra

You desire a partner who is physically attractive and who has a good sense of art and culture. A partner you can enjoy theater, music and movies with.

You desire someone who can be your partner in every sense of the word. Someone who is enough of your polar opposite to provide some interesting energetic tension while also being able to keep harmonious connection and an open flow of energy.

You seek pleasure and enjoyment in life and the person you desire will have a sensual side that matches your own. You desire someone who has a compassionate side and knows how to be romantic and sentimental yet who also understands your need for independence and connection to your friends.

Venus in Scorpio

You desire someone who is intriguing, alluring and mysterious. You love to delve deep beneath the surface and solve every puzzle. A potential partner that is complex will captivate your attention. You will want to peer into their mind and learn what motivates them.

You are drawn to those in need of healing and may assume the role of therapist in your relationships. This is because part of your desire is to discover what has been hidden both in others and in your surroundings.

While you are attracted to people who need your skills as a truth teller and catalyst for transformation and healing, your desires may also lead you to people who lack stability and have an edge. You are drawn to the potential for excitement and even chaos.

Even though you can see beneath the surface you are also attracted to power. You will be drawn to those who appear to have social connections, wealth, or other signs of status.

Venus in Sagittarius

You desire someone whose optimism and large scale dreams match your own. You need a partner who inspires you and isn’t afraid to reach for the stars.

Your feelings of desire are triggered by people who are exotic in some way, who help to expand your mind and add to your vast knowledge base.

A partner with humanitarian interests and knowledge of philosophy, spirituality and metaphysics will also be highly attractive to you.

You are drawn to those who have seen the world or lived in different countries and have many exciting and interesting stories to share.

You love luxury and pleasure and everything you do is on a grand scale. The person you desire both appreciates your generosity and also enjoys opulence and making the most out of life.

Venus in Capricorn

You desire people who are hard working and ambitious. The person who is traditional, romantic and sentimental to balance your practical side will trigger your desire.

You prefer to keep a low profile and are attracted to subtle cues. Someone who is too overtly sexual will turn you off. Your desire is triggered by physical senses. You prefer to be discreet with public displays of affection but will become captivated by someone who appreciates that less is sometimes more.

You are also attracted to people who appreciate your effort and hard work and people who have had to endure hardship yet who have made the best of it. This is because you are highly self disciplined and appreciate this quality in others.

Tradition is important to you and you long for someone who embodies the traditional relationship roles from your past or your family’s heritage.

You are drawn to the past in general and someone who is older or connected to the past through an interest in classic culture, antiques or vintage style will also attract your attention.

Venus in Aquarius

You are full of surprises and prefer to keep people guessing. You desire someone who is equally enigmatic. You can become bored easily so your desire is triggered by people who are interesting and even those who challenge you.

You love a good debate and mental stimulation and intelligence are more important to you than physical appearance.

You desire those who are progressive and unusual and are drawn to rebels like yourself.

You love it when others are authentic and you will consider any attempt by another to conceal their true identity to be artificial. You will be turned off by this.

Someone who is interested in breaking and bending all the rules, who loves to role play and explore other cultures or even other realms, and who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is will trigger your desire.

As much as you crave a connection that is out of this world, you are also highly independent and will be turned off by someone who is too smothering and needy.

You desire someone who’s life is as exciting as yours and who will also be busy pursuing their own interests and not completely focused on you and the relationship.

Venus in Pisces

You desire someone who is as warm and empathic as you are. You are highly intuitive and sensitive and will crave someone who can connect with you on a spiritual level. More than physical appearance or any other factor, you are drawn to people’s energy and can sense the connection early on.

You desire someone who can consciously travel in dreams with you, who can spend hours cuddling and saying nothing, who can get lost staring at paintings or listening to music.

Someone who is always on the go and tied to a schedule book will turn you off. So will someone who is too harsh or careless with what they say. Your feelings are hurt easily and you need to be with someone who understands this and can make you feel secure.

You desire someone who understands your dreams and encourages you to pursue them, not someone who tries to get you to be more realistic.

Your sense of desire is closely tied to your creativity and tendencies toward escapism. You may seek out a partner who also has an active imagination or who can join you on spiritual pursuits, entering into other realms as part of your shared journey. You desire a soul mate relationship and aren’t interested in casual dating.