What's the best way for you to attract a potential partner, according to your Venus sign?

best-way-attract-partner-466.jpg What can Venus in the signs show you about what's the best way for you to attract a potential partner?

Venus in Aries

You attract others with your spontaneity, innocence and no-games attitude.

By keeping your seduction techniques simple and fresh you can intrigue and tempt people.

By expressing your sexuality in a free and uninhibited though respectful way, the object of your love can let go of their barriers and start to flow with your direct approach.

Venus in Taurus

You attract a partner with a simple and natural sensuality that looks soothing and familiar.

You attract with the stability of your feelings and with your dependability. You are there when needed, as a reference point for the other person.

You fascinate a potential partner by being materially generous. This doesn't necessarily mean expensive or luxurious items. Flowers, something made by hand or a delicious meal might be more your style. You have an innate ability to put your love and soul in anything material.

Venus in Gemini

Your mind is your best tool for attracting a partner. Being communicative, insightful and understanding fascinates the other person. On the lighter side, jokes and wordplay are one of your best tools for attracting lovers.

By refining your listening skills, asking the right questions and supporting people in their self-understanding, you can create an intimate connection that can reach both the mind and the soul.

You express yourself in animated ways and may use your hands for emphasis, making gestures while you talk and by using them to show affection and give pleasure to your partner.

Venus in Cancer

You attract with your warmth, which makes your significant feel comfortable, accepted, listened to and taken care of.

You fascinate a potential partner by triggering feelings of familiarity and security, making it seem as though you’ve known each other for ages.

Your cooking skills and your ability to keep a beautiful and welcoming home capture your lover's heart.

Your compassionate nature and your willingness to show your support are your best tools to keep a long-lasting relationship.

Venus in Leo

You attract others with your direct, passionate, magnificent and grandiose courtship. It's hard to resist your praises. You have the talent to discover and draw out the beauty and best potential of your beloved.

You fascinate others with your spontaneity, your sense of fun and your shining optimistic view of life.

You enamor others with your no-games communication, by sharing about your life and passions like an open book.

You attract others with your loyalty and willingness to help and with a traditional courtship that makes the other person feel special and unique.

Venus in Virgo

You fascinate others with a modest and reserved sensuality that looks a bit distant and unavailable, approachable only for the ones who “deserve it.”

You attract others through your willingness to be of assistance and give support. Your act in a selfless and discreet manner.

You attract others with a simple but carefully chosen set of clothes and accessories. Your meticulous yet practical wardrobe and home environment appeal to those who appreciate tidiness and organization as much as you do.

You charm with your steadiness and by conveying a sincere, somber attitude.

Venus in Libra

You attract with your graceful and pleasing manners which makes your significant other feel valued in the way you always wanted to be.

You enchant with the harmony of body and soul and the attention to the right appearance and words.

You fascinate others with your social connections and the way you communicate with them.

Venus in Scorpio

Since you can sense and understand people's depth, you can discover others' issues and unknown skills. You attract others by making them feel understood by you in such a depth that nobody else did before.

You turn others on with your dark sensuality and sexual confidence, and with your natural magnetism.

You enchant with your willingness to go all in in a relationship, with steadfastness and extreme commitment.

You fascinate with an aura of mystery and your quiet confidence in your power.

Venus in Sagittarius

You attract with your optimistic and fun-loving character, with your positive mood and joviality.

You fascinate others with your openness and direct approach to romance, letting sensuality and seduction flow naturally and spontaneously.

You entice with your understanding and your love of intellectual and spiritual explorations.

You turn people on with your larger than life presence, conveying excitement, fun and interest in potential lovers.

Venus in Capricorn

You attract others with your determination and devotion, by conveying non-verbal messages through your deeds you demonstrate that your partner can count on you.

Your partner will be fascinated by your social status and career ambition and your commitment to always improve your condition.

You attract others with the support you give to the relationship and to the family.

You enchant others with your seriousness, sense of responsibility and willingness to endure difficulties in order to reach your goals without complaining.

Venus in Aquarius

You attract others by being friendly and unique, even if this causes you troubles with society.

You fascinate others with your broad-minded, avant-garde and liberal attitude, which make others feel accepted in their uniqueness and free to express themselves fully.

You attract others with your humanitarian, social commitments and selfless work aimed at improving the whole of humanity.

You turn on a partner when you understand what is needed for progress and personal as well as social evolution, and for living a more free and liberated life.

Venus in Pisces

You attract others with your sympathetic attitude. You easily make others feel understood in their needs and issues.

You fascinate others with your out-of-this-world charm, through a delicate and spiritual sensitivity which suggests a fully devoted sensuality.

You attract with a magical and mysterious glamour, with a loosely defined personality that looks like it might morph into anything your lover needs.

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