What games do you play in relationships that will sabotage you, according to your Venus sign?

venus-games-play.jpg What Venus in the signs tells you about the games you play in relationships that will sabotage you?

Venus in Aries

You have a playful spirit when it comes to relationships. Most of the time this energy is light hearted and youthful. You love to be in pursuit of those you care about and you enjoy a challenge. A relationship that is like an obstacle course will trigger your sense of adventure.

However there is one relationship game that may not be as fun for your significant other. The game of anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better is stimulated by your competitive nature. You can’t help it. Even when deeply in love you will still compete with your partner and will do your best to make sure you can’t be bested.

If not careful, this attempt at self preservation can turn your focus squarely on your own ego, dismissing m partner’s needs and feelings altogether.

It is best to stick to the playful games and friendly competition than it is to get lost in one-upmanship.

Venus in Taurus

Generally you are too straightforward to get caught up in playing games, especially since you detest any type of deceit. However the one relationship game you don’t mind playing is wait-and-see.

You reserve your emotions, opting instead to allow your potential partner to show that they see your value. Once you are sure your partner fits your standards and you are sure they are as serious about you as you are about them, you will let down your guard and show your generous, attentive side.

Until then, your potential love interest will have to convince you that they are the best person to share your life. You will also look for signs that they are dependable and can be trusted.

Venus in Gemini

You don’t consciously intend to play catch-me-if-you-can, its just that you’re always on the move. You are restless and crave connection with others. Working a crowd and keeping things light and superficial suits you just fine.

You don’t need emotionally charged conversation, exchanging ideas and sharing trivia is as exciting to you. You love to get to know new people and you become bored easily.

Because you are always on the go it can be difficult for those who are closest to you to get penciled into your overbooked social calendar.

You assume that others are as outgoing and busy as you are and may not realize that loved ones feel slighted when you are too busy to spend time with them.

You are also prone to playing the multiple-social-media accounts game so as to keep in touch with old lovers and continue flirtations off the radar of your current partner. You aren’t likely to take these flirtations seriously, but it is a source of connection and entertainment for you.

Venus in Cancer

You understand the language of emotions and if there is any game you are inclined to play it is one which involves pulling on the heartstrings of others.

You will play the Guilt Game or the Victim Game if you perceive it will get the attention of your loved one and work to connect them to you emotionally.

With maturity and insight however you will connect the dots and realize that the games and manipulations which you are sensitive to and have been hurt by have the same harmful impact on others.

Venus in Leo

Young at heart and full of playful energy, you may see love as a game insofar as the pursuit of your love interest is concerned.

Once you are in a relationship however you seldom get into the habit of playing mind or emotional games. You are usually direct and lack the subtlety required for those games to work anyway.

One game you will play in the process of gaining or keeping the attention of your loved one is the Let Me Buy Your Attention game.

You don’t see this as a game, but you do keep score. You have a mental ledger of the number of outlandish over the top romantic gestures you have lavished on your loved ones.

You have also been keeping track of their reactions and have built up a reserve of resentment and hurt feelings if your grandiose gestures aren’t reciprocated or at the very least, appreciated.

Venus in Virgo

In relationships your game is all about becoming indispensable. You love to be of service and need to be needed. As a result you subconsciously establish control through care-taking.

“Wait just a minute!” you may be thinking…” I am not controlling!”

You don’t intend to be. You just intend to create a perfect situation in which you have covered every detail and provided for every need and want your loved ones have. In doing so however, you are creating dependency, establishing the dynamic that you must be there to manage everything.

Your game revolves around the idea that you must be perfect and if you are perfect you can make sure everything is perfect for your loved one.

Catastrophes can be avoided, details will not be missed and all will be well. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way and the more you try to hold on to the game of perfection the more anxiety is created in the relationship.

Venus in Libra

You test your significant others to see how much they admire you and how far they are willing to go to be your partner. Relationships are important to you and yet you love the idea of partnership sometimes more than the actual logistics of pairing with someone.

You tend to idealize your significant others and then will test them to see if they do in fact live up to your image of them.

Though you are peaceful and adaptable, you are secretly keeping track of who is exerting more of the energy in the relationship. If you feel that your efforts aren’t reciprocated you may employ some games to test your partner’s willingness to go the extra mile for you. To you this isn’t game playing, its bringing things into balance.

You are charming and social and aren’t afraid to use flirtation to test your partner’s response and see how dedicated to you they are.

Venus in Scorpio

You are like a detective and will seek to uncover whatever you can about your loved one so you can understand their inner workings and mind set.

You also play the Test the Boundaries game. Although you don’t like being tested and are highly sensitive to any slight signal that a game is being played at your expense, you have no problem pushing your partner’s boundaries.

You want to see how much power you can have in the relationship and in some cases, how much power or influence you have over your partner.

You want to know if their resolve is strong enough to withstand your influence. You want to know how important you are to them, and you believe that being able to penetrate through their boundaries or break their resolve is proof of this.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are an adventurer and a seeker. You generally don’t see the need to play games in relationships and opt for openness and honesty instead.

Others may think you are playing hard to get, though you usually aren’t. You are independent and genuinely don’t want to be confined in a relationship that fences you in.

As a result you may maintain a distance through travel, study, personal routines and other convenient reasons not to be sitting at home waiting for your significant other.

You are always out exploring and while you don’t demand that others follow your path the bottom line is anyone who wants to be your partner had better be willing to pack their suitcase and hit the road with you.

Venus in Capricorn

You view relationships the way others view a business deal. You think in terms of investment, be it time, energy or money.

Just like a business person may understate their hand when negotiating, you approach relationships in a reserved manner. You never show all your cards. You prefer to be practical and see compromise in relationships as a series of business deals.

You are always attaching value to your relationships and so your game is more like a budget. You are assessing and analyzing how much return you are receiving for your investment and will change your approach accordingly.

If you don’t feel you are being adequately compensated, be it through energy, attention, time, or respect, you will pull back and wait for others to demonstrate their interest and seriousness.

Venus in Aquarius

You don’t play by anyone else’s rules. When it comes to relationships you leave others guessing. Your relationship game resembles Hide and Seek though you constantly change the terms.

You hide your feelings and let others try if they dare to navigate your obstacle course of intellectual distractions and defenses.

Just when someone comes close to figuring you out, you will change your style, deny your true nature or even worse, you will disappear.

You don’t want to be confined or defined by anyone. You are fiercely independent and a free spirit. You have a hard time compromising with others and would rather pursue your many quests alone or in the company of acquaintances and friends than to be anchored to one person. Unless you fall in love first and then you will still keep others guessing as you pursue romance.

Venus in Pisces

You love to be close to others and crave intimacy. You will do almost anything to avoid real or perceived abandonment.

In relationships you play the chameleon game, turning into whatever you think your love interest wants you to be. You may lose yourself easily in relationships as you modify your interests, even your appearance and style, to please others.

If you aren’t careful you may end up sacrificing yourself to try to maintain relationships. The martyr game never works in the long run however and you would be better off being true to yourself.

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