What is the dark side of your love life, according to your Venus sign?

venus-dark-side.jpg What Venus in the signs can show you about the dark side of your love life?

Venus in Aries

You have competitive streak which can manifest in toxic ways when not balanced. The Shadow side of this energy is an ‘eat or be eaten’ mindset driving you to compete with and conquer those around you.

Even those you love will fall prey to your all consuming passions if you aren’t careful to keep this energy in check. You may become aggressive, territorial and obsessed with your partner.

Like the fairy tale of Rapunzel, you may seek to both idolize and seclude your loved one, trying to keep them all to yourself and concealed from public view. You can become dominating in relationships if you don’t keep your energy balanced.

Venus in Taurus

You love to be surrounded by beautiful things. When it comes to relationships, you know your partner is a person and not a thing and yet if you are not careful you may objectify your partner.

When not balanced you may come to view your significant other as one of many trophies. You may subconsciously seek status through those you love, elevating your opinion of yourself or finding validation through the approval of and connection to others.

You are also susceptible to becoming enamored not only with your significant other but with the standard of living you expect them to provide. Be careful not to confuse your emotional connection to your loved one with an emotional attachment to the security you believe you will find through their financial standing.

Venus in Gemini

Your mind is sharp and active, always seeking new information. You have a hidden desire to pursue relationships, especially sexual relationships with multiple partners as you are inclined to become bored.

You may never act on this hidden fantasy. However if you are not fulfilled in your relationship your Shadow side may emerge.

This part of yourself will seek out flirtation and connection with others even if it is only to fulfill a fantasy in your mind. The dark truth is you are more aroused by the images and fantasies in your mind and no flesh and blood partner can compete with your imaginary love life.

When you retreat into the realm of fantasy relationships you may use social media, pornography or dating websites to engage in imaginary affairs or to stoke the flames of passion created by these superficial connections.

Venus in Cancer

You are nurturing, emotional and intuitive. Yet when your energy isn’t balanced you can become a raving Hellion.

This is because you will confuse emotional insecurities with intuition. As a result you can become clingy, obsessive and hypersensitive to real or imagined slights.

You will do anything to remain connected to your love interest however insecurity and desperation can lead you to taking measures that backfire and sabotage your relationships.

You can become emotionally manipulative, vacillating between being demanding and overaccommodating. You are also prone to invoking sympathy and may resort to emotional blackmail if all else fails.

Venus in Leo

You are confident, creative and proud, yet when imbalance occurs your conceited and arrogant side shines through.

You may come to believe that others need you more than you need them. You may also unintentionally upstage your loved ones. You can be an optimistic and cheerful joy but when not balanced you can also become an overbearing, melodramatic drama magnet.

You may expound upon the many times your grand schemes were not supported by others. You may also appear to lack gratitude and project your confidence and regality into tirades and despotism.

Venus in Virgo

When your energy is out of balance you can become cool, aloof and detached.

Overanalytical and cynical, your Shadow side finds fault with everything anyone tries to do for you and even with your partner and loved ones. You may pick apart your loved one’s personalities and hit home with your sharp criticism.

Your Shadow self will relentlessly obsess over details of what could go wrong in an effort to be ‘protective’. The true end result however is likely to be nagging and fretting over situations which have not occurred.

Your tendency to criticize may come from protective instincts yet it is likely to drive others away.

Venus in Libra

You are peace loving and compassionate when balanced emotionally. However when your energy is not balanced your Shadow side emerges.

This dark side of your attraction energy can be superficial, craving beauty, attention and admiration but lacking in emotional depth.

You may become enamored with the idea of being in a relationship and overlook the fact that you are in partnership with another human being with their own needs, feelings and personality.

Rather than seeing your partner for who they are you are likely to project your unmet needs unto your partner, instead of honoring their unique perspective and individuality.

When you are not balanced you may become indulgent, seeking pleasure through flirtation, partying and affairs.

Venus in Scorpio

You are intense, seductive and protective. Yet when your energy is not balanced relationships can become an obsession or addiction for you.

You may become so fixated on your partner that your jealousy and manipulative sides are triggered. You may use sexuality to get what you want from others or disregard others boundaries.

You have the potential to probe deep into the inner workings of others’ minds and you can push others to their limit.

When triggered you can become destructive in relationships, from petty quarrels to power struggles, when your energy is off balance you confuse love with control and manipulation.

Venus in Sagittarius

You love to share your good fortune and generosity with others.

Yet excess is one of the downsides of your energy when not balanced. You can try to prove your love to another through overspending and overindulging them, or you may seek to fill a void in your life through hoarding, collecting and overindulging in purchases.

You may become self righteous with others, taking on a patronizing attitude. You may also go to extremes to preserve your optimistic attitude by burying your head in the sand and pretending things are fine when conflicts need to be dealt with.

You believe that more is better. When things are tense in relationships you may seek out allies or even flirtatious relationships, to restore positive energy in your life and distract yourself from the tension in your relationship.

Venus in Capricorn

You approach relationships like a business person. When your energy is not balanced, you can become cold, withholding and harsh with those you care about.

You may say or do things with little regard for others’ emotions because compassion is not in the forefront when you are on the defensive.

You may reduce relationships to dollars and cents becoming obsessed with budgets and measuring the value of those you care about through financial means.

You may also become condescending. Your strength for self discipline can be projected onto others as harsh expectations. When not balanced you may expect others to uphold your high standards even if it is not reasonable for them to do so.

Venus in Aquarius

You are ahead of your time. A true rebel, you resist being part of the crowd yet are also drawn to people and to service of humanity.

Somewhere in your deep dark subconscious however is a restless urge to strike out on your own and let others fend for themselves. This urge is usually carefully subdued as you truly have a philanthropic spirit and outgoing personality.

Yet when triggered you just may pack your bags and leave in the middle of the night. Or you may go out with a bang in dramatic style, shocking others with a tirade about the numerous ways you always knew you were selling yourself short in the relationship.

When the lid comes off, look out, your boiling temper can leave others speechless and hurt, though by the time this happens you will be beyond caring.

You are also likely to get into intellectual battles and can become condescending when you judge others to present any faulty or insufficient arguments.

Full of surprises, when your energy is not balanced you can become a time bomb and no one knows exactly how or when you will explode or what the damage may be.

Venus in Pisces

Compassionate, loving and spiritual, you strive to avoid conflict. The Shadow side of your energy however, involves a pattern of self martyrdom that can sabotage your relationships.

You will throw yourself under the bus, taking on a complex of self blame and self effacing that becomes destructive.

If you are not careful you can lose yourself in relationships or even drive others away with your willingness to take the fall for every problem that arises. In order to cope with the anguish of imbalance in your relationships you are also likely to indulge in escapist behavior like drug and alcohol abuse.

When not balanced, you will overlook your intuition and trust in fantasies which can leave you confused about what is or is not real. You may even become dependent on significant others and this too will eventually erode the foundation of your relationship.