What leads to heartbreak for you, according to your Venus sign?

venus-how-hurt.jpg What Venus in the signs says about what leads to heartbreak for you?

Venus in Aries

You are strong willed and courageous. Yet even you can be heart broken in a relationship. You expect others to appreciate your bold, passionate energy.

If a partner or prospective partner invalidates or undermines your will, or criticizes your individuality, you will take it personally.

Criticism of your ability to lead and succeed in your goals is perhaps the worst insult you can suffer. You identify closely with your mission and if someone speaks disparagingly about your passions and crusade they are striking you right in the heart.

Venus in Taurus

You are generous, consistent and patient. A partner or loved one who rejects your attempts to create security and nurturing and instead seeks resources, advice or solutions elsewhere will break your heart.

Obviously infidelity is a painful betrayal, but for you it can feel like infidelity if someone ignores your advice or generosity but then seeks and follows the same advice given by someone else.

If someone takes away your ability to be the nurturer or is not receptive to a gift or generous gesture, it will hit you on a personal level. Dishonesty is another way to break your heart and you will not tolerate any level of dishonesty.

Venus in Gemini

There is no worse heartbreak for you than that which results from someone insulting your intelligence.

This includes someone who plays games behind your back and expects you not to find out. After all, you have connections everywhere and someone who underestimates your social network or quick mind will break your heart.

Words matter to you and if someone is careless with their communication, including superficially using the word ‘love’ you will be devastated.

Venus in Cancer

You are very sensitive and it doesn’t take much to break your heart. You will feel betrayed, abandoned and deceived if someone does not validate your feelings. A callous remark or even a statement intended as a joke can be devastating to you depending on your mood.

You can take a lot in stride one day and be reduced to tears by someone’s tone of voice the next day.

Fortunately you are also aware of your wide range of moods and are just as likely to forgive when the moment passes.

Loyalty is important to you though and you certain forms of betrayal such as infidelity and lying are more difficult for you to accept. You will be heart broken if your loved one shows more nurturing and affection to others than to you.

Venus in Leo

You are cheerful and good natured and it takes a lot to bring you down. Yet a lover who is not aware of how sensitive your ego can be may hurt your feelings by judging, criticizing or even making a joke at your expense.

You are also likely to be heart broken if your efforts to show your love and generosity are not appreciated or if you perceive any competition. You need to know that you are the center of your loved one’s universe.

Venus in Virgo

You are practical and analytical and aren’t likely to get carried away emotionally.

Still, if your partner rejects your attempts to be helpful, it can be heart breaking. Ironically as much as you can freely share criticism without realizing the impact it has on others’ feelings, you are sensitive to being criticized by others.

You are likely to be hurt by others who don’t understand that your anxiety laden advice and attempts to help are acts of love and nurturing, not intended to cast doubt or cynicism.

You would prefer if others appreciated how much you worry about them and took it as a sign of your love for them, yet it is more likely to result in angry clashes and rebellion, and with you being heart broken as a result.

Venus in Libra

You value beauty, balance and equality. You work best in partnership with others and assume the same is true for those you love.

This is not always the case, however. You will end up feeling heartbroken if you feel rejected or abandoned by others.

This can be true both if actual abandonment has taken place or if you perceive abandonment because your loved one simply wants to do certain things alone or worse, with other people but not with you.

Nothing feels worse to you than being left out or alone.

Venus in Scorpio

It takes a lot for you to lower your defenses and trust others. You are always on the look out for signs of betrayal and dishonesty.

When you perceive betrayal, regardless of whether it has actually occurred, you will become heartbroken and the walls are likely to go up.

Due to your defensive nature you may not be willing to give a loved one a second chance. You don’t tolerate being made to feel foolish so a partner who betrays you publicly or who involves others in deceit such as a partner who has been flirting with or having an affair with others or keeping other types of secrets from you, will not likely get a chance to make amends.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are a fair minded and optimistic person. It takes a lot to really break your heart because you are good at detaching your emotions from the situation and evaluating it from a higher perspective.

You don’t take things personally and as a result you will not usually get bogged down in emotion if someone doesn’t act the way you think they should.

You still have feelings however and you are likely to be more hurt when someone doesn’t live up to their own potential as opposed to being hurt by their words or actions toward you.

You are able to rise above most conflicts, yet you know you are powerless to uplift someone who doesn’t want to be enlightened, and this is most heartbreaking for you.

Venus in Capricorn

Hard working and ambitious, your intention is to create a secure foundation for your loved ones. You are heartbroken if what you worked for is squandered or unappreciated.

If a partner takes advantage of you financially or accuses you of loving your work more than your family you will be hurt. The truth is most of the time you view your work as a vehicle to help you provide for and show your love for your family and it hurts you to think your efforts are not recognized.

You are likely to endure hardship and pain without complaint, yet it breaks your heart when those you love do not recognize that you are making sacrifices for them.

Venus in Aquarius

You are an eccentric, progressive individual. As much as you live in your head and lean on your intellect, you are also highly sensitive. You don’t like being taken for granted and you are most easily hurt when your intellectual gifts are insulted.

When someone can’t understand your unique views or brushes off your brilliance it hits you on a personal level.

You are likely to be heart broken by someone who tries to change you in any way because doing so implies they have rejected your unique vision and personality.

Venus in Pisces

You are a spiritual minded, creative, empathic person.

You are easily hurt because you are highly sensitive. In relationships you will go to great lengths to please those you care about and may make sacrifices to accommodate others’ needs.

When your efforts aren’t appreciated or when your unique views are dismissed as ‘crazy’ or ‘too sensitive’ it is likely to break your heart.

You are highly sensitive and will be easily hurt by others who dismiss or invalidate your feelings.